Satan Since 2003

Satan Since 2003

20 minutes 7.8/10 based on 14 votes

For Emmy Award-winning documentarian Carlos Puga, three months’ access to The Hell’s Satans (Richmond, Virginia’s premier moped gang) produced enough material for not only an eye-popping peek into this otherwise reclusive society, but also a satirical jab at the process of documentary film-making.

This is the story of the moped gang known as The Hell’s Satans and their turf in Richmond, Virginia USA.

Released at Sundance Film Festival 2011. 20 min. Director: Carlos Puga. Mockumentary film.

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Rating: 7.8/10 based on 14 votes

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  • patate_douce

    I wanna be in a moped gang!!!!

  • z

    Damn, i need to buy a badass moped and start my own gang!

  • Crassman

    Great documentary! got my moped (The hairdryer of power) stolen last year, it must be replaced after seeing this!

  • Roxanne

    I want a moped now!

  • noboundryman

    degenerates, losers, drunks, dip shits, lunatics, crude, rude, headed for nowhere, worth little, drain on their families, drain on society, the most self centered backward, ignorant selfish generation ever. Good luck to this country, good luck to the next generation. Destruction, violence,threatening innocent people, they ought to be run through a garbage disposal, or mandatory marine, army recruitment, send them to the front.

    • dabigjurpinator

      During the civil rights movement, in my hometown, a local business owner dumped acid and even threw live alligators into the swimming pool of his hotel because african american children(under the age of 12) tried to swim in the pool. I find it hard to believe that your generation’s shit don’t stink.

      • noboundryman

        Tell us! Was it the lead paint on your crib, the beatings in infancy because your parents rejected you, or were you born this way? My generation developed vaccines, and treatments, for malaria, polio, diphtheria, tetanus, rheumatic fever, discovered DNA, wiped out small pox, started the peace corps, the environmental movement, won rights for minorities, fed millions around the world, sent men to the moon, invented the internet, the personal computer, the space station, the space shuttle, the deep water submersible, discovered proof of continental drift, mapped the cosmos, dated the earth, and the know universe, prevented an all out nuclear war, we invented rock and roll, Television, cell phones, MRI machines, cat scans, the telecommunications satellite, Would you like me to go on? There’s nothing necessarily wrong with your generation, just significant parts of it, like these losers, and self centered selfish cowardly ignorant degenerates.
        My advice to them is get a job. In fact get two or three jobs, because that’s what builds a society, and a future for yourself, not wasting time being an asshole with other dumb ass losers. There’s a big difference between having fun, and being a menace, and a detriment to society, these pukes have crossed the line.

    • candytripn

      Flew right over your head didn’t it?

  • NurseKatie

    Hmmmmmmmmm, that was really a good mockumentary until Hippy got hit by the car… that was BS !

  • humanluvr

    WTF?? I get some of what was happening, but…DAMN!!!!

  • madmax

    hippy died,blood nut with the beard went to jail for killing 8 kids with that bomb,heavy sit man! and the war is still going!

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