Showdown with Satanism

Showdown with Satanism

60 minutes 7.8/10 based on 5 votes

Bob Larson confronts Satanism’s First Family of black magic, Nikolas Schreck and Zeena Schreck. Their philosophy of the occult explain their devotion to Set, the ancient Egyptian Lord of Darkness. This video is an inside look at Satanism in America, the counterpoint to christianity.

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Rating: 7.8/10 based on 5 votes

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  • Sam

    couldn’t watch more than 10 minutes… Bob Larson needs to learn to shut up! he interrupts everything they say. Horribly conducted interview.

  • Alex

    I really think Bob Larson is a fake. They explained they don’t worship the Devil, then at the half-way point where he’s narrating, he calls them Devil-worshippers. Plus the whole “showdown” concept is pure sensationalism.

  • Mark

    Agreed Bob Larson needs to learn to Shut up.

  • Walt

    Well, the two guests sound very well-spoken and very well-educated. They are mostly shouted down and rebuked even though they dont appear to threaten anyone. The host is there to speak to the easily satisfied members of the audience, the guests will never get through to them.

  • Me

    5 minutes into this “documentary” and I can’t bear myself to watch anymore. Bob Larson is clearly set out for sensationalism and no matter what they says he is always there with his totally uninformed questions. I say we let Nikolas and Zeena Schreck explain their views first, in their own words for fucks sake. I was honestly hoping for a documentary that enlightened facts instead of Hollywood/ Christianity stupidity.

  • Maestra Sierra

    This guy is so not a Christian. He is just another one of them wanna-be shit-heads who think there is only one religion. Even Jesus listened carefully to what the devil had to say to him and responded to him with dignity and respect. That’s what real Christianity is all about. The bible is properly written by the Devil to trick us into hating each other and do regrettable stupid shit.

  • Rebecca

    Bob Larson is apparently incapable of mutual dialogue.  Difficult to watch.

  • gramlin4444

    bob larson needs some trips to a higher dimensions

  • Raven

    This guy has no idea what he’s talking about. If their willing to publish this guys documentary and call it “factual”, then maybe my 8 year old should do one on religion as well. Realistically, this documentary makes Bob Larsen sound less educated in religion then my son. Here is a suggestion Bobby; do your homework BEFORE you decide to publish something. After seeing this; I see you as nothing more than an uneducated, monotheistic religion pushing, arrogant buffoon. If you don’t like being viewed in this light, then do as I suggested. Actually study the work of reputable archaeologist; not single sided ones. I do. That’s how I’m able to see right through your tripe. Also, actually spend some true time with other faiths then drawing assumptions. This isn’t a documentary; it’s a fairytale.

  • leeanne

    why is he wearing a pentagram that is a wiccan symbol its people like this that give us wiccans a bad name there is no devil the devil is a creation of Christians

  • Christina Marechal

    The bible is confusing to most, because the devil had his hand in confusing the main purpose and idea of the holy word. King James had his final say in what was included and excluded from the bible. The bible was changed many times, in many different translations. That is a fact, no matter what religion you follow. Not to say that the bible is irrelevant, it is still a very power instrument of truth. But only those who are truly faithful and holy will be able to weed through the confusion and see the truth. The truth is acceptance and love of all.

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