Small Town Ecstasy

Small Town Ecstasy

8.0/10 based on 13 votes

This documentary is about Scott, a 40-year-old divorced father, his four children Job (20), Craig (18), Heather (15) and Sam (13).

Scott has been introduced to the rave scene, and Ecstasy, by Craig. The two of them go out on the weekends, with some of Craigs friends, and stay up all night, dancing in a drug-fueled trance. Occasionally, they bring Heather and Sam along for the ride. While some Dad’s might fancy a trip to the park or to a game, Scott prefers the drug soaked night life for his precious little ones. Hes also aware of his role as a protector.

The second half revolves around his legal problems, the extremely limited, supervised custody hes grudgingly granted, and the tear-stained faces of his children, who want to see him as much as he wants to see them. Or maybe they just want to do more drugs with pop, who knows. Regardless, it makes for one of the most fascinating and controversial documentaries out there.

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Rating: 8.0/10 based on 13 votes

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  • Viking


  • Jamie

    I cant believe this. Their dad has no control of the situation whatsoever. He must be having a mid life crisis…

    • BrokenHalo

      Sure seems like it !!!
      They look like a nice family and they have a lot of love between them but the father is really lack on the boundaries between himself and his minor children. Can’t believe they allowed themselves to be filmed when the minor kids got involved….odviously clear decision making does not exist here. Besides the father, someone is coming out of this an addict. Sadness.

  • kyle

    I know this guy personally. It’s all hype (I’m not a “druggy raver” btw).. I can tell you this is one of the most open hearted and caring people I’ve met. Modern day hero. People should leave each other to their own. How come everyone continually talks about what a good dad he is, but then wants to persecute him? Your kids are going to do what they want, when they want. If you think otherwise, you live in one big dream world. What better way to keep them safe, other than be around them during their party years. Once you hit that point, most parents don’t have a foot to stand on, except those who identify with their children. Authority is such an antiquated idea.

    • Peter Sedin

      how did he and he´s kid end up?? this must be at least 10-15 years old vid..

  • arguedas.josue

    Kyle, I have met respectful families, who have taught their children how to make SMART decisions. Is not about controlling anyone’s lives, is about what things you should not do that could pretty much ruin your life forever. If I teach my kids that and they understand it, are they brained washed? I think I have pretty smart kids. They could have said no and go and become criminals. Can anyone change that, probably not? But as a decent parent, your job is sort of to give your kids the straight dope, offer them the words that might safe them from having to beg on the streets some day.

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