Solitary Confinement

Solitary Confinement

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National Geographic produced and distributed by DocumentaryStorm: SOLITARY CONFINEMENT.

We take a look into the darkest, most lonely shadows of the prison system and see what it’s like to be in solitary confinement in the 21st century – and how it’s pretty similar to a 1,000 years ago.Delve into the prison system and meet some of the people who have been locked away from the rest of society. They have a story. Whether you believe in the prison system, or believe solitary confinement is an abuse of fundamental human rights – this documentary is an eye opener.


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Rating: 8.7/10 based on 49 votes

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  • Jamestrs

    that was intense!!

  • madscirat

    A deep and penetrating look into SC which neither seeks to favor one side over another OR deny historical and psychological evidence in order to balance the controversy. Great upload.

    My own two cents, we justify these programs based on guard safety but what about the safety of the public, untrained, unarmed people and children who unknowingly encounter these people after they have been transformed into sociopaths and released from these systems? What about their safety?

  • Hi Madscirat,

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  • Gorrister

    That warder is the devil or in the least deeply foolish. Just makes problematic people even worse. Release somebody to the streets who’s been secluded in that void for who knows how many awful years no wonder things go bad. They don’t seem like Hannibal Lecter types in the first place. Most seemed to be in the jail for relatively petty crimes. What a waste of everything. Money too.

  • handro

    What would happen if gave these people ipads? They are already in a secluded room all day, why not give their brain something to do besides build up hate? I think that Ipads for Inmates would be a great program to try out and see what the results would be like. Who knows, with all that free time they might just be able to come out a smarter person.

  • Thom

    There’s a great Australian prison movie based on this called Ghosts of the Civil Dead (1988). It draws a interesting (and in my opinion truthful) conclusion to the motives of the people who instigate these types of prisons…

    80,000 inmates at one time in solitary is awfully surprising, whats not is it’s happening in America. There is something inherently wrong with treating your citizens this way. Guess they do it to innocent foreign nationals too.

  • edmchef43

    hi all my life i try to stay away from the law just i know in my heart once u part of that system people will go crazy and with solitary confinement makes the mind go crazy in short period of time and i feel this is wrong way i feel the heart and soul and mind is helped through expression and learning how to become more expressive i feel that the power of Satan and demons for sure at work on the weakests of minds i feel sorry for these people in here under this government entrapment program just my opinion is all.. there is another way

  • Watcher

    They could have done more to discuss whether or not solitary confinement should be permissible. That said, in my opinion, solitary confinement is torture in order to control and, most of all, punish an inmate. It can be named “behavior modification” or any other quasi-scientific name, but insofar as it takes something fundamental to life and living as a human being, as fundamental as food, water and sleep, and deprives a person of that thing, it is also a human rights abuse, as torture as punishment is a human rights abuse. Worst of all is that this punishment only causes inmates to lash out, perhaps even violently, out of the natural instinct to resent those and protect oneself from those who threaten your life, and inmates are then again punished for what is actually rational and sensible to anyone who values their own life. The state is supposed to be the brightest of all citizens. Why then can it not come up with a way to minimize violent behavior without human rights violations? Make no mistake, what it’s doing to these people is not justice or “behavior modification,” it is beating inmates nearly to death in order to have them submit to their incarceration.

  • Durzo Blint

    My entire life – even when I was a kid – I laughed/scoffed at a line repeatedly heard in movies every time a prisoner is up for parole: “Do you feel that you have been rehabilitated?” That makes as much sense as “rehabilitating” a vicious dog by throwing him into a secured backyard with 10 vicious pit bulls.

    This particular, prominent variety of religious, amoral and ignorant Americans are a massive problem who continue to degrade American society; always increasing the numbers of the largest prison population on Earth (per capita or in gross numbers), perpetuating a MASSIVE and growing underclass with inexcusable living conditions for a “first world” nation, and then touting their brainwashed mantra “We’re the best country in the world. Best country in the world…..” with very little thought given to WHY they believe that and how the rest of the world lives.

    All our (the world’s) justice and psychiatric systems are astoundingly primitive, barbaric, counter-productive, and wasteful — and the future will view it as such. Yet Americans especially still cling to this primitive notion that the best way to deter anti-social behavior is to make people scared of the associated punishment. Never mind SCIENCE, psychology, and objective analysis of the facts, methods, and resulting data; a nation (and a world not far behind) is tearing itself down with incredible levels of suffering – despite having the scientific knowledge to live in practical paradise – all because of simpleton rulers and voters would want to dictate policy based on “Common Sense” rather than acknowledging the complexities of existence and necessity for complex, scientific understanding.

    But that really is the bane of social progression: people idolize the term “Common Sense” as the highest form of reason…. but really, since when is the sense of the common man a shining pillar of logic?

  • lauren

    so barbaric. i truly can’t see the benefits of this type of “behavior modification.”

  • lolo ferrari

    poor Damien Echols was shoved in solitary for 10 yrs of his life….so wrong so wrong

    • Docw394

      Damien Echols and the west Memphis 3 are guilty. Damien should of fried. Don’t believe everything you see in a documentary. They were all biased and some were filled with lies. Jessie Misskelley confessed 4 times even after the court case was done and against his lawyers wishes, his lawyer was practically begging him not to. Damien was even bragging and talking about it prior. Conspiracies sell better is all.

    • Johanna

      Some of us lived there during through it all, from the missing boys til the sentencing..and I agree with Docw394…

  • John

    Well considering it says that “This content is currently unavailable” really sucks. So this blows.

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