SSEX BBOX: Sexuality Out of the Box

SSEX BBOX: Sexuality Out of the Box - Episode 6

14 minutes 2012 7.8/10 based on 56 votes

Episode 6 – Queer

What does it mean to be queer? Is queer our future? “I’m straight and I identify as genderqueer!” Here we discuss politics, linguistic meanings, and international interpretations of what it means to be queer. This is NSFW in terms of seeing some naked boobies and penises, but the seriousness and important subject matter should make this compulsory office space watching.

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Rating: 7.8/10 based on 56 votes

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  • therese

    “[SSEX BBOX] EPISODE #2 (English)”: “This is brilliant. I’ve been taken back to my own
    very young experiences which I’d forgotten about. Its true people pass on their
    own shame without even thinking about it. There’s nothing shameful about it
    though at all. Wish I’d been told it was ok & normal. Thats certainly what
    I felt.”

  • NancyB

    I am looking forward to the other 7 episodes in the series. Very well done.

  • Scoobsnheather

    This series is absolutly amazing!!

  • Kelly Rae40

    such a beautifully documented exploration into the understanding of our sexual being!

  • Tobi

    This was really wonderful!

  • While I applaud what the creators have set out to do by making these films, after watching the first 3 I was left feeling rather unimpressed and disappointed. I feel like this is largely due to the fact that 12–14 minutes doesn’t allow much time to explore these issues adequately. Each episode held my attention just fine, but once it had ended I felt little attachment or affection for anything I had just seen. When I watch something, I like the experience of interacting cognitively and feeling immersed – but as each of these has such a short duration, it’s barely enough time for a quick splash in the shallows.

    • Ssexbbox



      My name is Priscilla Bertucci, I’m the director of [SSEX

      I totally understand that you are disappointed by the fact
      that the episodes are so short, me too! 
      Believe me!

      It very hard to make a short episodes,  with so much rich material we had capture, a
      web series can’t be much longer than that.

      But we are working in
      a full-length features, documentary as well. Scheduled for launch in 2013.

      Right we still
      struggling to  get all the money we need
      to finish it.


      You can help us finish this project with donations at our
      web site:




  • BlueLemur11

    I thought it was very interesting

  • BlueLemur11

    I also learned a lot and I also felt really powered by it as well. 

  • The truth

    Who is that b*tch in the the last video, the fat one that on there before you watch it. She sure isnt “sexy”. Being sexy isn’t just about how you dress and giving bl*wjobs. Which I think is your idea of sexy. Its about how you look. I bet the Playboy industry isn’t going to hire her to pose for Playboy or I bet her good looking BF isn’t going to put a nude photo of her as his FB cover so all his friends can see what a “sexy” GF he have. And that man above her sure isn’t “sexy” hes dress like an homeless person. And you people shouldn’t stuff yout opinions down our throats.

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