Standing Army

Standing Army

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A standing army is a permanent militia maintained in times of peace and war. This film shares an often-untold story and reveals something of which most citizens of the United States are unaware.

For the last one hundred years or so, the US has silently encircled the globe setting up a powerful network of military bases unlike any other in history. Every continent is included in this web. Today, these bases amount to 716 distributed throughout 38 countries with more than 250,000 troops. In addition to this, the US has a presence in 110 countries. Despite the alleged global financial crisis, the military budget keeps growing. Is it possible that crises and military expansion are directly proportional?

During the years of the European conquests, the colony was the unit of the empire. Thus the strongest empires possessed the most colonies. The unit of the American Empire is the military base. World War II marked the birth of this empire because of the growing tension between the Soviet Union and the United States.

Military bases used to serve as simple supply facilities in war-like conflicts, but nowadays they are often formed in the aftermath of US interventions. This begs the question whether this strategy is intentional.

The American bases oversees are seen by many locals as an imposition that not only takes away their land, but also their culture and history. If you live in the US and there’s a military base close to your home, you don’t really mind it much because it’s your base. But if this base were built and operated by a foreign country, it’s a whole different situation because although they try to convey that their presence guarantees peace, both reality and history reveal otherwise.

A case that must not go unmentioned is what happened to the inhabitants of Diego Garcia. The US wanted a base in the Indian Ocean at all cost. So due to an agreement between the UK and the US in 1971, all of Diego Garcia’s 2000 inhabitants were aggressively uprooted, rounded up, and shipped off elsewhere. The Navy called this an operation to ‘sanitize’ the island. Today the exiled men and women continue to fight for their right to return to their home.

The film concludes with the theory upheld by Chalmers Johnson, former CIA advisor. He believes that this new type of imperialism contains a self-destructive recoil force that will lead to a decline and the ruin of the US’s position of power around the world. Watch this thought-provoking documentary now.

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Rating: 9.5/10 based on 13 votes

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  • Lloyd Albers

    This system has been forced onto the world without the people being aware. The system of control over the people started before the time of Jesus Christ, this system was made stronger in the dark ages when the country of the Vatican forced people to follow the policy of this country and pay a tax, in fact at that time money was used to purchase everything that you needed, a system still in progress today, and as you can see from this documentary we have all become victims to this same system, power and money, both of which are false, [money is just created, made from nothing] and it is used to control every person on the planet today. What is the solution, I think you know.

    • awful_truth

      Yeah, I do what the solution is; I am just wondering if you will actually say it! (good post Lloyd)

      • Lloyd Albers

        I have no problem saying what needs to be done, I have already done this myself but first I must point out something and this becomes the reason I did what I did. First of all there is 3 systems that control everyone, the first is the country of the Vatican, smallest country in the world, it basically controls everything and everyone, this is where policy and tax was forced onto the people, in fact the Vatican sold the rights to tax through policy to the countries, which is still here today, she still reaps the benifeits today. Then within the city of London you have the Crown which is about the same size as the Vatican but not part of London, not related to the royal family, the Crown controls the money of the world, [IMF, 13 of the richest families of the world], like the Vatican, the Crown has its own police and laws, [police cars are red], Vatican, their robes are red, coincidence? The 3rd system is Washington, [White House], Virginia corporation, [owned by the Vatican as is the Crown]. White House sits on about 1 square mile, is a system of it’s own, is not part of the country, but is responsible for the armies of the world and is owned and controlled by the Vatican. Now, the book of Revelation tells about this system in chapter 13, the beast and the image to the beast, Vatican the beast, Crown and Washington the image to the beast. Rev 14 ver 9-12 gives the solution, do not wear the mark or make an image to or wear the number in your hand or in your forehead, I could go on, but my own experience is that when you refuse to wear the mark,[ social insurance] all they can do is play head games with you, but if we want to see these oppressions end we all must play our part and refuse to fund these 3 systems, believe me, when you refuse to fund them, God is on your side, can tell lots of stories of what happens, but I’ve never looked back and never regretted it.

        • awful_truth

          Well, I don’t know anyone who is remotely educated that would argue with you regarding the power structure of who is in charge of the world. (IMF, World Bank, – ergo Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, Schiffs, Warbergs, etc) Since they are the major shareholders of the federal reserve in the U.S, the bank of England, this makes the politicians mere liutenents

          • Lloyd Albers

            First I would like to add something about the 3 systems, first the Vatican is responsible for the religions of the world, all of which are false, including the Christian churches, I follow Jesus Christ, when we follow Jesus we become the church, religion is about money, their just a business. As for the mark in your hand or in your forehead, everyone wears this, it’s your birth certificate when your born, then when you start paying the government you get a SIN number, in the hand or in your forehead is simply the way you work or the way you think. When you are born you are not a human being, you are a number and you are collateral for the government to borrow this fiat money against, feel needed now? At this point every person wears this mark. Here is how it reads, All both small and great rich and poor, free and bond will receive a mark in his hand or in his forehead, and no man shall buy or sell save he that has the mark of the beast. At this point every person has been hoodwinked into following these 3 systems, this is what I’m saying is, every person has the God given right to follow and do what they think is best, but you cannot serve 2 Gods, it just doesn’t work. The 3 systems cover each others butt, but they are still false and they force each person into following them, on the other hand Jesus said follow me my yoke is easy, my load is light, in other words, we are not forced. When we are forced, you serve out of fear and you will hate your master. Hope this adds to the conversation, I enjoy the debate, take care.

            • awful_truth

              While I respect your position Lloyd, some of your generalizations are inaccurate. The Vatican is not responsible for most of the religions. (Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.) Following the teachings of Christ is in itself problematic since there is no writings of his own, and only those of what are believed to be by some of his followers. The new testament itself is a collection of 27 books that was only decided in 325 A.D under the rule of Constantine, with many books dismissed due to the dogmatic belief of the day. (you may be getting a watered down version)
              note: this is not to undermine your faith or belief. I have read the old and new testament, and if what we understand as an accurate representation of Christ, it is easy to believe and follow what he stood for. (not to be confused with the empire building, gun toting capitalist Christianity of American propaganda)
              With that said, I accept your mark of the beast interpretation from the literal sense of the word, (hand and forehead) but I know of no people in 1st world countries that have not been condemned to servitude, for the system that has enslaved us. Of course, there are many people who are far less complicit with it’s demands, and will pay for it in some fashion, which is quite alright depending on your certitude of faith. (What good is it for a man to gain the world but lose his soul’. – something I am sure you can relate to) This does not mean that a person is serving 2 gods, only acknowledging that a person must pick and choose their battles, and decide for themselves what situations are unworthy of compromise. (selling one’s soul) Since no one is perfect, I have come to understand that life has very few right and wrong situations, but is a colorful grey mixture of considerations that require conscious thought over reactionary behaviour. (fight or flight response) Since I am a firm believer of critical thinking, (not to be confused with someone passing negative judgment on everything) the real truth can only revealed after all the possibilities have been considered, and the least of all evils is chosen.
              P.S: For the record, I would consider our discussion an exchange of information and ideas, as opposed to a debate. There need not be a winner, only an evolution, and enlightenment of 2 individuals. Merry Christmas, and happy new year Lloyd!

  • awful_truth

    A straight forward documentary that acknowledges the primary problem with America. (empire building) Of course, there is a solution,

  • SeanQ38

    Several Russian educators have said that Russia’s government doesn’t think the cold war is over. So why should we weaken ourselves when Russia is still a threat that wants to take over its neighbors and these bases are the only thing making them think twice.

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