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Louis Theroux continues his exploration of the fringes of American society.

He visits Southern California, home to a group of people known as swingers. There he meets Gary and Margaret Lee who host parties at their home but only for swinger couples, so Louis goes searching for a date.

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Rating: 7.1/10 based on 44 votes

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  • LMK

    Secret life, huh. I don’t think this couple thought through the fact that this would be available all over the world.

    • taffysaur

      well it was for teh bbc over in britain. there wasn’t like youtube + stuff back then, or at least it wasn’t so ubiquitous.

  • The embed above is not working (anymore?) but this vid is still available @ YouTube, a.o. here => http://youtu.be/TFIuG42VyvY

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