The Antichrist

The Antichrist

46 minutes 7.8/10 based on 8 votes

The Antichrist takes a harrowing look at an evil so obscure that he answers only to Satan. Follow the emergence of the Antichrist from pre-Judaic texts, through the Book of Daniel and Revelation, into Christian writings of the Middle Ages, and beyond. Aided by interviewees with eminent clergy, scholars, historians and psychologists, this incisive program examines the evil enigma from every conceivable angle.

How would you recognize the most evil person on Earth? According to many historical texts, you should look for a brilliant, enigmatic public figure who transforms the world for good -for a while. Basically, the last person you’d tap as Satan’s human emissary. While many believe the Antichrist has come and gone, just as many believe he will soon arrive, if he’s not already in our midst.

This documentary is a part of the Decoding the Past documentary series.

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Rating: 7.8/10 based on 8 votes

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  • Lazer555

    I got 2 minutes in and Benny Hinn appeared. Anything with this clown in it cannot be taken seriously so I stopped watching.

    • Lyna Duegs


  • Charles Thornton

    The problem with this whole thing especially with the history Channel is that they take academics who do not believe in the totality of the Bible to make statements of the Bible. Already they in this documentary they have given out misleading information as to the rapture, to Daniel’s prophecies, and in making the statements they are trying to make themselves sound as an authority of the text of the Bible. Not to mention they have the biblical timeline out of order! That’s why it’s the most important thing to do is to read the Bible for yourself. I have great contempt for those who take the Bible and twisted for their own use.

    • Oliver Whocares

      I have read the bible 4 times, twice in german and twice in english. And I have great dontempt for those who take it serious. The contradictions are overwhelming.

      • Kevin Heffernan

        You’re not supposed to read it like a novel dude. It’s a sacred text thousands of years in the making. And if you’re going to admit to having contempt for anyone, you should at least spell it correctly.

  • Dude

    The use of the term Anti Christ is flawed. For anti is equal to but opposite of, and no one or anything is equal to God.

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