The Great Culling

The Great Culling

Our Water. Our Food. Our Air.

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In the late 1970s, an amazing monument was erected on a hilltop in Elbert, Georgia. It is known as the Georgia Guidestones. This mysterious monument has been referred to as the American Stonehenge and no one knows who is responsible for its construction. The six granite slabs are perfectly aligned with the celestial bodies. They stand over 20 feet high and weigh almost a quarter of a million pounds. However, its most shocking detail is not its size but the messages engraved on each piece in both ancient and modern languages. This message is called The Ten Commandments for a New Age of Reason. The very first declaration is the most alarming of all. It states: “maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature.”

This documentary begs the question: how exactly do the people behind this cryptic message plan to eliminate over 90% of the population?

When it comes to the water we drink, the reports are contradictory and confusing. Obviously somebody is lying because while some insist that everybody can benefit from drinking fluoridated water and that the benefits for dental health are innumerable, others warn that fluoride is a deadly poison. Many dental health practitioners are taking action to fight fluoridation until it is proven safe for human consumption. Many scientists believe that adding fluoride to water is just part of a social experiment that was started in the mid 1940s.

What is labeled fluoride is not the natural occurring substance. It’s a mixture of chemicals that might include cancer-producing agents, radioactive chemicals, heavy metals, and even elements that cause neurological damage in humans.

According to the CDC — Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — by 2010, 73.9% of homes in the US were receiving fluoridated water. According to different investigations and scientific data, fluoride inactivates 62 enzymes in the body, speeds up the aging process, increases incidences of tumor growth, disrupts the immune system, among many other damaging effects. It’s a gradual accumulation of toxins that work to destroy the body through the years.

Not only can fluoride be found in drinking water, it is now even an ingredient in certain foods such as juices and cereals. Once it’s added to a product, it’s difficult to get it out. What can be done to stop this madness? Or is this all just another paranoid conspiracy theory that can be debunked? Watch this film and decide for yourself.

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Rating: 9.0/10 based on 12 votes

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  • BlogZilla

    This is very depressing

  • ukberserker23

    No video to watch.

  • rixter6

    flouride is a chemical/poisons teeth bones brian r all affected once consumed stays in body forever. babies get this in high doses too.b4 they even develop teeth im shocked this stuff suppresses 6 genes in our dna…..theres no escaping it……..foods fruits cereals…….drinks im horrified this is a must watch share this every1 as i didnt have a clue it was this bad

    • James Thorpe

      I’m interested in knowing which 6 genes you are referring too?

      • Consistent with dozens of in vitro studies,
        a number of in vivo studies, in both humans and animals, have found
        evidence of fluoride-induced genetic damage. In particular, research on
        humans exposed to high levels of fluoride have found increased levels of
        “sister chromatid exchange” (SCE). As noted in one study-“In recent years, SCE analysis has been considered to be a sensitive
        method for detecting DNA damage. There is a clear relationship between a
        substance’s ability to induce DNA damage, mutate chromosomes, and cause

  • davy

    well we better hope there are under 500 million people soon because otherwise human extinction is right around the corner. It might already be too late.` We have utterly destroyed the planet and the next few years or at best decades will see earth snuff us out like the germs we’ve become. Irreversible atmospheric changes are already underway. Either that or we quickly reduce our population. Not saying I’d support that but if that or extinction then sign me up. Ideally of course our leaders would grow a backbone and immediately enforce rapid cessation of all carbon emissions, whatever the social, human or economic cost. Then we might just survive albeit after horrid few decades or centuries. Whatever happens, the time of plenty will be over soon, one way or another we’re soon gonna see the most brutal phase of human history ever. Catastrophic eco system collapse, eimination of most or all food supplies, droughts in some places, floods in others, famine, an ever increasing population or going mental at each other trying to survive. Hungry people will migrate and fight. Oh and loads of countries are armed to the teeth, that’s gonna help. Put your plans on ice people, learn how to survive while you still have the chance

  • Both of my daughters were given fluoride by the pediatricians we used and both have white spots on several of their their teeth. I am horrified at what I allowed to happen. No more.

  • Helen Duplessis


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