The History of the Devil

The History of the Devil

53 minutes 6.6/10 based on 11 votes

The idea of “God’s evil enemy” has been around for thousands of years. While early Christian clerics used the Devil as a symbol of heresy, the concept did not begin with the Christian Bible, but rather in ancient Persia some 3500 year ago.

Since then, he has acquired horns, a forked tail and innumerable names in all aspects of world culture as well as a central role in the way we think. The History of the Devil looks at how our concept of evil, as symbolized by the Devil, has evolved over the centuries to fit the needs of government, churches, demagogues and opportunists everywhere.

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Rating: 6.6/10 based on 11 votes

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  • Arash

    very good documentary, thank you.
    btw all these people who believe in such nonsense give me the creeps!

  • GoAskAlice

    Very insightful! I wish more people would investigate such things for themselves rather than blindly believe what has been forced into them as children. <3

  • ray

    this was a eye opener. never knew about king james bible. what a crock of shit the church hands out and is followed by the blind.

  • Sergio

    What a great program. Thanks for opening my eyes.

  • James

    Great documentary. It is sad when I see people who believe in the human created versions of our fears. He’s just another character invented by people and built upon over the centuries.

  • Maggie Powell

    This should be on TV! Absolutely fascinating

  • jamielarrydon

    This documentary is garbage. So much was left out. By the way, if you know the history of Free Masonry you will know that the floor and pillars of the showroom are Masonic. Masons are liars, which tells me this whole thing is basically based on lies.

  • Aryllia

    “Hades wasn’t very liked by the other gods”
    May I remind everyone that the other gods were all a bunch of rapists, adulterers, murderers etc. At least once he had kidnapped his wife Hades was mostly docile, unlike for example Zeus who felt the need to put his dick in everything and Hera who seemed to spend a lot of her free time murdering the results of Zeus putting his dick everywhere. If they didn’t like Hades it’s because he wasn’t enough of an asshole to fit in.

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