The Hopeful

The Hopeful

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Each year in the United States fewer than 125 high school quarterbacks receive a Division One scholarship. The fierce competition has led to an increase in student athlete transfers. In fact, in 2010 alone over 3,000 high school students from all over the country transferred schools for athletic purposes. But there’s one important catch: students have to actually live in the district of the school that they choose attend. The Hopeful is a film by Brendan Kirsch about a young man named Cody Keith and his literal journey towards fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming a Division One quarterback.

What makes Cody’s story so interesting is that once he started trying to live out his dream, he faced a lot of obstacles but learned some valuable lessons. For starters, he learned that not a lot of people are willing to support you once you stick your head out above the crowd. He also had to put up with a lot of criticism about his skills as a player, and then there was the inevitable accusation that his affluent parents were trying to buy him a position on a team. The message was clear: some people believed Cody Keith had no business in football.

Cody is originally from North Carolina. After switching high schools his junior year, Cody and his affluent parents find themselves at the center of a heated debate about whether it is acceptable for students to transfer schools for merely athletic purposes. The family unwillingly becomes the main target of some intense media scrutiny that eventually spirals out of control. They make the headlines of a few local newspapers and the tone of the articles that were written was always questioning Cody’s talent and his parent’s objectivity.

Then Cody’s parents saw a famous coach on an HBO special and contacted him and invited him to watch their son play. The coach notices that Cody needs more play time and so he encourages them to make another important move; this time to California. The idea was that at this location Cody would play under his expert supervision. Cody ends up enrolled at Maranatha, a Christian college preparatory school with a strong football program.

This, however, was not their last move. It was not long before Cody and his family find themselves a lot further from their goal than they were before.

In spite of the mounting pressure, the stressful schedule, a few health related problems, and excessive media attention that followed the family across the country, Cody finds himself on a journey of self-discovery. Watch this film now.

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Rating: 9.8/10 based on 4 votes

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  • Frank

    Was it really necessary to add crowd cheering track? Any the victory song track during every playing scene was annoying. Stupid.

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