The Perfect Vagina

The Perfect Vagina

59 minutes 7.0/10 based on 222 votes

Fronted by Lisa Rogers, this documentary focuses on the rise in vaginal cosmetic surgery, specifically labiaplasty.

For the uninitiated, labiaplasty involves cutting off the inner labia so that they don’t ‘hang’ below the outer labia. Ouch! The labiaplasty business has skyrocketed over the past few years, and Lisa’s mission was to find out why so many women hate the appearance of their vulvas to the point that they’d willingly have pieces of them surgically removed.

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Rating: 7.0/10 based on 222 votes

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  • Viking

    I’ve had both legs broken numerous times, had major back surgery, lost bone and tissue in the left foot, had my Achilles tendon rip a thumb-sized chunk of bone out of my right heel, completely disconnected the big toe tendon on the right foot, had both wrists in casts at the same time from fractures, had a 4 inch gash on the right wrist from ripping it open on broken glass (and watching as blood squirted 12 feet out of the major blood vessel in the wrist), and had a 2 inch hole blow out in my duodenum which caused stomach acid to flow into my body cavity and damage the pancreas and internal skin surfaces. I’ve had some serious things happen to my carcass so I’m sort of used to blades cutting flesh and seeing blood. I absolutely could not bring myself to watch more after the young girl had the outer lips trimmed off and seeing her in discomfort. I’m embarrassed to say the labia surgery made me a bit queasy.

    Before we know it the Jersey Shore dips will be having surgery on their orange, misshaped genitalia and then bragging about it on their show….which will provoke the “sheep” into doing the same ludicrous things the Jersey Shore douchebags did with hairstyles and fake tans.
    Heaven forbid….

    If your guy isn’t happy with your goodies, there are plenty of others who will be quite happy with your original plumbing. With the world population at 6 billion plus, there should be several guys (or gals) who would feel very fortunate to be with y’all. Lots o’ fish in the sea.

    • L

      I agree that getting the surgery done for cosmetic reasons can be a bit silly, but it’s not always about “pleasin’ your man,” which seems to be your primary point. More often, people get the surgery done because of discomfort caused by the inner labia getting caught on underwear, chafing, or even getting tucked in during sex (all of which can be quite painful). Beyond that, I think that any cosmetic reason for getting the surgery has to do with the woman’s self-image, and not appeasing current or future sexual partners.

  • jak

    hi ,
    first , this isnt my real name , (y? for my convenience) . But i wod liked it if u replied to me by mail.
    2nd , thank you for making the documentary. It is quite weird , I codnt expect such vid can be done abt such difficult and private subject. Well , im an engaged man (im 21 ) , and honestly, i saw that my spouse’s vagina does have extra skin that i wod rather it trimmed. I never came to talk abt it with her , i jst never thot abt doing it seriously, im not sure of how wod this affect her and i dont want to make her feel bad abt herself . The fact that she has this thing doesnt affect our relationship or my affection toward her or making love with her , but in fact, preference is always there. u surely PREFER to have ur hair tied up or maybe left on ur shoulders, despite both being u and u being looking good . its jst that that is preferrable and look more beautiful than else. I think that women shod know the normal variations , and that they are normal , but at the end of the day , if its bothering u everyday that ur nose has that little nudge and u want it fixed and feel completely satisfied , why not ?

  • George+Will

    woh..grt documentary, Me and my girlfriend laughed, cried and cringed at the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of designer vaginas, and the lovely Lisa Rogers gave a heartwarming and personal performance,….p.s nice house lisa!

  • Anon

    Thanks “L” for an honest and factual comment. As someone who is undergoing labiaplasty in 5 days time I really understand where the 21 year old girl was coming from. I’m 23 and have never allowed anyone to get close to me after a guy made a comment when I was 15. I’m at an age where I feel ready to lose my virginity but I honestly believe that this is the only way I’ll truly be comfortable doing it (and being a trainee psychologist I’m well versed in knowing all of the confidence-increasing methods to get to that stage without surgery). There is also truth in what L points out with regards to discomfort, although for me it’s an 80-20 split between aesthetic and comfort motivations.

    I do agree it’s sad that some women feel a need to have surgery but at the same time I think it should be an individual choice.

    • gerry

      youre a trainee psychologist?….holy fk

  • fossape

    The older woman near the beginning said it correctly, these women want to make themselves look like little girls, now are we men supposed to be attracted to women that look like little girls? Why would we be attracted to women that look like little girls, is it instinctual, sign of a fit healthy body that promises healthy children? What is this obsession about? Mass media’s fault? Changing how we view women?

  • Sahmir

    Wow, women are some of the most vain creatures on God’s green earth. If its men with penis issues we all just laugh and mock but if a woman is upset because her vag looks like Arbys Roast Beef we are suppose to act as if they have like some dibilitating disease.

    • Me

      I wouldn’t say that women are vain.I think the problem are what are portraited as normal and beauty in and by the media. We see it every day on TV, nowadays there’s thousands after thousands of cremes and waxes and whatever else you might think about that shouts outs its message on commercials that YOU as a woman aren’t perfect unless you look a certain way. Just walking around with hairy legs is abnormal, people stare at you because you aren’t looking or trying to be “the perfect woman”. The pressure is enormous. Of course there’s a “perfect vagina” look too, the message is simple.

      There’s pressure for men too, I won’t deny that. My boyfriend was really unsure about his penis-size when we met. And there’s a growing number of beauty accessories for men as well.

      You always have a choice of course. To decide that you are perfectly fucking alright in your own way. But as I said, the pressure is a heavy weight so simply shaking it of is hard. I admire those who do and feel maybe a bit pity for those who don’t.

    • Carley

      I think you seem to forget that men also have issues with the way their penis’s look. There is so many forms of ‘male enhancement’ that its really not that different, unlike males, females only have surgical methods to change the appearance of their vagina, where as males have pills, and surgical methods. So it would be understandable why there was more females having genital cosmetic surgery then males.

      We also have to remember that there is something wrong with our society that allows our youth to have such low self esteem issues. Would this many men and woman really be doing cosmetic surgery if our perception of outer and inner beauty was warped by people who want us to feel like shit about our selves, just so we will by their products? I really don’t think so.

      I really don’t think this is an issue about woman being vain, but society teaching our youth that a woman is really only important if she is beautiful. I can totally understand why these woman feel they need to change the way they look.

  • Jason

    Well this was the most misleading link I’ve ever followed.

    • Harry

      Which part of the internet did you come from, traveler?

    • James

      Hahaha, better luck next time.

  • Taylor

    girls I have news for you. If you scream during sex, men won’t care what you look like down there. I’d rather have a woman who can feel than a woman who looks good (on that one part) any day.

    =o interesting video though.

  • betty d

    what a judgemental white woman. i see she has a point but she hasn’t done her research properly and doesn’t really understand the cultural stigma. i think her heart is in the right place, but this documentary is not objective. at each point, it’s being reigned back in and directed to her narrow minded opinions. needs to show both side of the spectrum the extremes, i mean.

  • Token

    The perfect doc to watch with your girlfriend… Now she’s scared to rub her pussy too hard!

  • Man

    Look lady, obviously it is unfortunate these girls feel this way. But do not make it out to be men’s fault and only theirs. How many women make small dick jokes and insults?

    • Turtle

      I totally agree Man. It’s a double standard with women. It makes us look bad that we talk about their vagina, but it’s totally okay with women talking about/making fun of men’s penis size.

      • Emmy

        Only a lot of us don’t. I’ve never said a single cruel thing about a man’s genitals. Why should I have to accept cruel comments about my own because of what some other silly women said? No one should be saying anything. And thinking like that starts by silencing yourself, not being cruel just because others are.

        • steven

          People are always going to be cruel and stupid sometimes. The rest of us have to learn to not give a fuck and just to avoid the idiots.

  • Man

    all these women use porn as their point of reference or normality. Do you really think guys look at porn and say “shit my dick should be 12 inches (30cm). Absolutely not, i feel form these women’s low self-esteem but if you are going to be an idiot and look at media and decide that that is whats normal then you are obviously to stupid to have self-esteem

    • Are you serious?

      Are you serious? Of course there are guys who look at porn and then think that their penis is too small. If they didn’t, then there wouldn’t be a plethora of “male enhancement” ads and scams. And it’s entirely possible that these women just don’t like the way their vagina’s look, and if they want to take drastic action to fix it, then that’s up to them. They have every right to alter their bodies to make themselves feel good and like the way their bodies look. Its the same reason people diet and work out to lose weight.

  • LovestoSpooge

    Lol, women are dumb.

    • No they’re just brainwashed by sick societies that think no matter what we do we’re not good enough for you fuckers or for societies approval of us!! All part of the brainwashing of propaganda…and it’s working.  Maybe for that, we’re dumb…but not on our own.  It’s when we stop judging a woman by her outsides and ONLY her outsides…and men grow up a bit, remember how to be MEN who like WOMEN period and women grow stronger a bit…this crap will stop. 
      Maybe…?  gah! 

  • Mee

    This woman is a stupid bitch, what does she care of some chicks with really ugly pussies want this surgery. Who the hell is she?

    I had a girlfriend with a pussy like that, and honestly it was a turn off. I didn’t ever tell her, I still had sex with her, but I secretly wished her pussy was better to look at.

    • Walt

      “had” a girlfriend. I believe it. She left you because you were a shallow idiot.

  • abcd

    So sad, I must say. What happened to us? Was it always like that? Don’t get it. To think about how your vagina looks like, because once a 15 years old guy (who doesn’t even know how to use his little stick) told you it looks funny?

    It’s impossible to expect from girls/ women to love them self. Their mothers never taught them that.
    It’s impossible to expect from boys/ men to respect a woman. Their fathers never taught them that.

    I’m sick and tired of seeing the ugliest, fattest, disguisting, drunk, smelly men with gorgeus woman (but with no self esteem) and they are still putting them down, ’cause they are not good enough.
    It doesn’t matter if she’s blond, big breasted, skinny, beautiful. She’s not good enough because of the ”ugly” vagina? Seriously?

    I have no time to think at how my vagina looks like. And go to sessions to look at it. Sometimes i’m so tired of the day I just fell in the bed. I have to think how to pay bills, how to not b hungry, what errand to do. And if in the middle of that a guy would feel disgusted because of how my vagina looked, I’d sent him to hell and got out a vibrator. I could probably do my self much better then him anyways.

    And also, guys. It doesn’t matter, on the other hand, how your penis looks like eighter. Or how big it is. It’s about how you use it (and your tongue and fingers). If you are unsecure because of it and as result, picky about the shape of vagina, you should think more about your sexual techniques and not as much how it looks like.

    • Bomboclaat

      Right on sistah

  • juice

    She is overlooking a HUGE point here. Many women have labiaplasty done because having labia like that can be REALLY painful and make everyday activities (walking, biking, SITTING) suck big time.



  • Mike

    Interesting Doc, I do think there needs to be a law against women under the age of 21 getting any of those cosmetic surgeries done. I have a below average penis and when I was younger I would have killed to have had a cosmetic surgery to make it bigger so I could be a normal size, but once I got out of school I realized that it didn’t matter, it’s what I have and I don’t care. People need to talk to their children more and let them know their fine just the way they are, that’s for girls AND boys.

    My only issue it that she was willing to put everyone else’s vagina’s on camera but she would never put her own vagina on camera. If your so proud of it and think everyone should be then maybe you should be proud and put yours on camera along with everyone else.

    • jonboy

      Who are you tell a woman what she can/cannot do with her body. Mind your own busiiness !

  • Wnkr

    Far too much verbal wanking in a documentary about vaginas.

  • Lara

    Maybe I am too young to really know what i’m talking about because i’m only 16, but I feel like it is extremely easy for the presenter of this show to tell everyone to love their vagina’s etc. because by the way the doctors and other people on the show responded to her, her inner lips don’t stick out all that much.
    But as a girl i’ve realised that my vaginal lips ‘hang’ a lot lower than say, friends, other girls in the changing rooms and it really does effect my self esteem and therefore how i react with others, especially guys.
    I’ve never let a boy see me without my undies on but my inner labia are way past my outer labia. thankfully not as bad as that 16 year old on the video that had surgery, but most definitely noticeable. Maybe my attitude will change, but maybe it won’t and i don’t care if ‘everyone is different’ because if i feel ugly, then i’m not enjoying my life to the full. and even if my boyfriend told me he loved my vagina. I dont think I could ever believe him because then why are porn stars vaginas more popular? and how could he NOT prefer a designer vagina to mine? Men are visual people when it comes to women and I honestly don’t believe that even if he loved me that he’d then prefer my vagina. Maybe i’m not giving men enough credit? Also, if larger inner labia are all so common, then why do i seem to be the only one around me with the same problem? dont tell me that it’s most women when it clearly freaking isnt!!!!!

    • sir-sol

      Amazingly, some people like different things – outside the majority no less!

  • Sam

    My guy friends cringed with me when we saw the surgery bit. We live in a society that obsesses over beauty and perfection so it’s not surprising that we would go so far as to surgically alter our genitals. I’d be curious to see the male equalvilent documentary about surgical procedures men do on their penises.
    The reason this Lisa was so upset with them getting labiaplayste is it can also reduce sensation. Just like getting your clitoris and nipples pierced can sometimes lower sensation.
    My guy friends keep asking to see my vagina now so they can “Give me affirmation that it’s beautiful” -_-

  • Hmm…wonder why that is?  I mean it couldn’t be all the media
    propaganda crap floating around and influencing society could it? 
    Nah….could it be the rise in internet porn and shallow Hollyweird
    media influencing us the last 10+ yrs?  Nahh….no way it could be the overemphasis on women’s beauty vs. her intelligence or abilities
    over the last 40 years until it’s reached it’s sickest highest point of
    today’s body neurosis?? Nahh…no way.  Not possible.  (*smacks head)

    Duh…10+ years ago women didn’t shave their entire pussies.  15 years ago most
    just did the stupid landing pad or hitlerian mustache(which is far worse than bush- bleehh).  20 years ago most women only did the bikini line and somehow it was A-ok..didn’t stop people from enjoying it.  Nobody did nothing in the 70’s and enjoyed the fuck out of their pussies!!  Literally!
    Before the last 12 years of collective stupidity…most men LIKED pussies…period!! And most women didn’t spend hours worried about how they looked to appeal to a porn brainwashed society .  So long as they’re clean and hygienic(std free)…they like them.  Heck some men even like them dirty..??

    Now we’ve got anal bleaching, labioplasty, shaving the entire vagina, fucking and looking like porn stars(even when it doesn’t feel good to some folks who admit it-lame)….
    sigh….no we’re not influenced by stupidity, cheap sexual entertainment and female objectification whatsoever?? no way :P

    **and to those who are offended by this discussion of these pertinent issues affecting modern sexuality…you’re either A) stupid and brainwashed into this kind of thinking (pat yourself on the back) and think it’s totally supposed to be this way or B) ignorant of how pervasive these issues are or C) probably don’t care about the welfare of women(and now men) who struggle under the weight of having to live up to these ridiculous visual standards to feel good about themselves, enjoy healthy sex lives in a society placing great pressure on them and think it’s impossible to not be affected by them…duh.

    >>It took guts for this woman to address this issue…whether or not we agree with everything said…totally gutsy!! 
    Those who go the way of what’s popular, the latest trend, don’t realize they have already stopped thinking for themselves and are proof propaganda/advertising and social manipulation WORKS!

  • moep

    I dont know why, but Innie pussys just look better to me.
    I cant do anything against it. Sometimes I think its just unfair, but I cannot turn off my favours.. I cant change my mind into like “Oh look thats very beautiful” if my brain says “Baaaaaaaargh”.
    Sorry for having a bad taste :/

  • Viking

    What next bleaching your anus???

    • AtaRodo

      Yup. Its on you tube already

  • tade

    Circumcision is involuntary genital mutilation, yet not one comment. These women are adults making decisions for themselves. It’s the parents who mutilate their male babies who should be ashamed.

  • Emo

    It’s so ad & I think you were so affected you should never do another one. Eamonn

    • Jinimasha

      I f u all don’t mind can i ask you all a question?
      I couldn’t find the thing any where that why the girls pussy are changed like vagina comes longer than their original position??
      Does they have got fucked so many times or their life style matters?? Give me a perfect answer any one.

  • Spork

    Sweet, another issue where feminists can put all of the blame on men.

  • michel

    Real men like nice juicy lips! and fat clits!

  • jonboy

    Aside from making pussies look nice, from my observations over many years 90+% of males havent a clue how to make love to a female. At best they’l take a blow job/head fuck and throw it in and come irrerspective of whether the female has had an orgasm. And one wonders why the divource rate is high. Having said that, some females, due to their mothers attitude end up useless. Like my youngest sister, who kept her husband at arms length for years, he found solace elswhere when she found out, she fucked a stranger to ‘get her own back’.Bleive that if you will! As for the term ‘slut’ a female who really enjoys sex, what do you call a useless female? A Slag?

  • Don juan

    I like big meat flaps…to each his own

  • hanooni

    Its nice documentary , but please don’t interfere with our believes , and culture
    Thank you

  • Victoria

    When it comes right down to it…I really don’t think a guy’s going to care what your vagina looks like as long as it feels good, seriously. It’s women, not the men, that are knit picking themselves apart. Please a man and he’s not even going to remember what your vagina looked like….only how good it felt! So ladies, spend your time doing kegel exercises and not your money.

  • Name

    Some people get this done because sex, walking, bicycling, etc are PAINFUL due to labial hypertrophy. Not to mention, sexual pleasure itself can be affected by this problem, due not only the pain but also reduced stimulation to particular erogenous zones. Sexual wellbeing is important to overall health. Personally, I’m happy medicine has advanced this much, that people can modify their bodies to have more comfortable, healthy lives.

  • CT

    why not? lipstick, mascara, high heels, padded bras… it’s all the same… a lie. Men are looking for a good mate through physical attributes and when women produce an image that is more lies than truth then we are fooled into reproducing with someone that is not what they present.

  • michael pearson

    Woman body like gold

  • rex

    Why would you reduce the size of your lips?
    I love girls with bigger lips, I don’t want my woman to look like a little girl

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