The Simulation Hypothesis

The Simulation Hypothesis

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It was Max Planck who stated, “there is no ‘matter’ as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force… We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

Is reality real? What if you woke up one day and realized that what you thought was reality is really a simulation and that this simulation is being generated by a system that you can contact with your mind? Scientists such as physicists and cosmologists believe that we are actually participating in the creation of the reality that we live in. In the digital age science is beginning to see a correlation between our world and the world of a virtual reality.

Plato built his philosophy of Idealism on the concept that the atom isn’t the basic underlying structure of all that exists, but that abstract mental forms determine an object’s properties. Plato believed that ideas are more fundamental than objects. In other words, everything begins with consciousness.

The age-old debate of whether matter gives rise to mind or mind gives rise to matter has finally been settled by science. Many scientists have explored the concept of our world being virtual or dream-like. Dr. Brian Whitworth, a systems analyst from the University of Massey took the two opposing views: Materialism; which supports that our universe is entirely physical and the Simulation Hypothesis; which declares that our universe exists as a virtual construct. He compared both and concluded that scientifically, our universe makes more sense when viewed as a virtual construct from consciousness rather than simply matter existing independently of the mind.

There seems to be evidence of computer programming in nature. Theoretical physicist Sylvester James Gate has actually found computer codes—strings of bits of ones and zeros— hidden deeply in the equations that define super symmetry.

Prior to observation, matter doesn’t seem to exist. Matter seems to be the result of an interaction between consciousness and waves of potential. This has been repeatedly demonstrated from the 1920s right to today through the double-slit experiment.

Most scientists now believe that materialism is not a valid worldview. Physicists now accept that particles do not exist as objects in the absence of observation. They exist only as waves, which transform into particles when observed. These waves are intangible and are a probabilistic description of where the waves might be if they were checked on. The waves that transform into a particle are only waves of potentiality. As Werner Heisenberg stated: “The atoms or elementary particles themselves are not real, they form a world of potentialities or possibilities rather than one of things or facts.”

Does all of this mean that it’s possible for us to ‘hack’ the system and change our reality? Watch this mind-blowing film now.

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Rating: 8.7/10 based on 23 votes

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  • Raven Shakti

    Awesome film! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • DigiWongaDude

    One of my all time Favourites

  • Mark Lee

    I’ve graduated from being a child being told about God, rejecting that premise at age 13 and going through most of my life (I’m now 60) as an agnostic/semi-atheist, then last year I realized that “God” was probably from a very advanced alien race who had to dumb-down their message to accommodate the limitations of the state of human development at the time when Jesus interacted with humans. Jesus was an alien who got trapped on earth of awhile and tried to make the best of it before he was able to be rescued by his people. Making the promise to return and all of the holy-roller crap was most likely a convoluted scam to try to help the human race more likely to last longer as a species for whatever motivation Jesus had. Just yesterday I was thinking about the odds of evolution perfecting so many species on this planet and realized that it was impossibly fortunate for earth to have such a wealth of variation in life that it must be artificially created and managed by a superior race who have had a lot of time to perfect life because evolution couldn’t possibly be responsible for creating life accidentally. Just having all of these perfected life forms at the same time in itself is impossible without a high order of intervention.

    That, plus I witnessed a real UFO with a handful of other witnesses who had gathered on the beach waiting to see the night launch of Apollo 17. What I saw the UFO do remains impossible even with today’s technology, so at least I’m blessed with the surety of knowing we aren’t alone. BTW, it buzzed the launch vehicle tower 45 minutes before launch, was chased by ineffective helicopters and fighter jets sortied from nearby Patrick AFB and then took off straight East over the Atlantic at high acceleration (30+ gravities), then changed course 90 degrees to vertical (without losing momentum) and proceeded until its light disappeared in the crystal clear night sky. I was speechless until one of the other witnesses said “wow” just after losing sight of the UFO and then I said “you saw it too?” and the other four all eagerly admitted seeing the whole show, which had surpassed anything humans were capable of doing since. That’s why I’ve been able to check that off my bucket list – worrying about whether we’re alone in the universe. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that we exist in a sophisticated simulation because we’re already living in a simulation of freedom in America when we all suspect that we live at the pleasure of our political leader’s whims. Chaos is probably the best operational paradigm for humans rather than allowing anyone in particular to control our destinies & everything.

    • rapattacker

      You sound like a crazy person, you’ve not got a clue what you’re talking about. Jesus was an alien?? hahaha Maybe he was just a guy that knew how to some stuff other people didn’t like today’s magician and they thought he was divine. I’m an atheist myself and I don’t think there is a gawd, at least what humans think of as a gawd that’s just ridiculous. Just because you seen a UFO doesn’t mean it was aliens it just means whatever you saw you couldn’t identify what it was, it could have been some sort of phenomena you didn’t understand and most likely was, you just took it to far and thought “I don’t know what it was” so it must be aliens. Life must be a daily struggle for you as I imagine there’s loads of stuff you don’t understand, do you look at them and say hmmm must be aliens? Double slit experiment… must be aliens… quantum entanglement… must be aliens… why does a bicycle balance… must be aliens lmao

      • James Wigman

        Congrats, you’re picking on an 80 year old. Must make you feel real big.

  • Sujittra Chaturongkul

    I was reading “The Upanishads” last night and it says that Brahman is consciousness. Brahman in Hinduism is what we might be equating to God. So, God is consciousness from the religious point of view.

  • Raymond Vandermeys

    Great Docu! More like this please!

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