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The Truth Game

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On August 7, 1945, President Truman of the United States of America announced the atomic bombing of Hiroshima by saying that ‘the experiment’ had been an overwhelming success. Just three days later, on August 10, the destruction of Nagasaki was described as having achieved “good results.”  The fact that the horrific results of nuclear war were described with words such as experiment, success, and good results is quite disturbing and are the first few examples of how the use of reassuring and even soothing language can make something as horrifying and tragic as nuclear war seem perfectly acceptable, inevitable, and necessary.

This type of propaganda created a suitable view of war among the people and gave the illusion that nuclear weapons were not only essential in order to guarantee peace, but were also a safe and secure option. Those first two bombs that were dropped on Japan were assigned comic book names: Little Boy and Fat Man. This was done to manipulate the public’s view and make bombs less horrendous. Bombs were referred to as “devices” and “hard ware.” The bigger and more lethal weapons were called “modernized systems for national security.”

Up until 1980, the British Parliament did not once debate nuclear weapons. The nuclear arms race was kept secret from the British people. This arms race began with the war against Germany. In 1939, Albert Einstein urged President Roosevelt to speed up Uranium research because everybody feared the German atomic bomb. Scientists were gathered in New Mexico in what became known as the “Manhattan Project’ in order to build a bomb. Nevertheless, by 1944 specialists were able to prove that Germany did not possess an atomic bomb. This information meant that there was no longer a need to build the bomb. Even after Germany surrendered, the head of the Manhattan Project stated that “there’s still Japan” and carried on with the work.

Two scientists sent a petition to the White House requesting that the bomb not be used. However, the project continued because the distortion of language, thought, and culture was already well under way. Ironically, in a democracy, secrecy and propaganda ought not to control how the citizens think, particularly when it comes down to maters of national survival. Still, the word ‘bomb’ was no longer used and was replaced with “gadget.” If the results were successful it would be called a boy, and if it failed it would be called a girl. Propaganda films were produced in which dance band music played during the explosion, which was said to have a beauty that cannot be described.

The official information states that the presence of nuclear weapons has given us a generation of peace. The unofficial truth is that a staggering amount of countries now either possess nuclear weapons or have the capacity to build it. Watch this controversial documentary by John Pilger now.

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