UFOs: The Enigma of Flying Spheres

UFOs: The Enigma of Flying Spheres

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The mystery and allure of the flying saucer has long been a point of fascination and skepticism. Since World War Two, sightings of these flying spheres have only increased and there are countless reports, videos and testimonies depicting strange lights in the sky. With thousands of eye-witnesses, strange videos and mysterious technical interferences, there seems to be abundant but ultimately inconclusive evidence to suggest the existence of UFOs. The documentary “The UFO Enigma of Flying Spheres” uses real footage of UFOs in order to chart the history of the phenomena. Exploring the different possibilities and incidents related to UFOs, the film takes an in depth look at real cases and accounts of mysterious objects in the sky.

The witnesses in these cases range from ordinary citizens, to fighter pilots, NASA employees and even International Space station personnel who claim to have seen mysterious aircrafts moving through the skies in ways that defy scientific and technological explanation. The film examines questions the origins of these accounts, asking why there are no compelling conclusions related to them and whether or not there is an active lobby to suppress their existence from the greater public.

Of course, the biggest question looming over the film is whether or not it may be extraterrestrials are the ones controlling these crafts. Though some suppose it may be the work of government projects, others believe it may be proof that we are not alone in the Universe. If this is the case, what is the purpose of theses crafts? Are they gathering information, or perhaps they are working in conjunction with our governments to develop new equipment and technology?

Not without its share of skepticism, the film also deconstructs and questions the authenticity of some of the more famous videos they present. They search for logical explanations to the phenomena, ultimately searching for truth rather than just spouting dogmatic claims about UFOs. Is there a logical explanation for UFOs or are they proof that extraterrestrial life exists?

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Rating: 8.1/10 based on 16 votes

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  • GuestAccount

    Starts our with video from the 1950-90’s. Then about half way through shows newer video from 2000-2009. At about 47 minutes you see the best video in my opinion.

  • John

    The abarnies or what ever they are called look like a parachute without the strings attached to it

  • Bram van der Linden

    this is so mind bashingly stupid

  • UFOidiots

    Theres no aliens here,get over it kiddies and use some critical thinking for once in your life.

    • Torquedoff

      I saw a sphere in the mid 90s, I do not know what it was, but it was big, Round and quiet, traveling relatively slow and looked like a big stainless steel marble.

  • tbone

    Well “kiddies” I wouldn’t be so fast as to dismiss that beings from elsewhere have made it here. I am…well lets just say I am educated in science. I believe in the scientific theory, have been interested in the thought for obvious reasons, and my conclusion is that it is unlikely that we have not been “visited”. Throw
    out all these stupid documentaries and television shows. Check the evidence, observe, theorize and test. Unfortunately, the latter is at this time essentially impossible to do. However, the most likely conclusion is that they are/where here.

  • dennis admiraal


  • dennis admiraal


  • dennis admiraal

    EVERYTHING IS AMERICAN………………..PLANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dennis admiraal


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