Uncovered: The War on Iraq

Uncovered: The War on Iraq

Do You Really Know the Truth?

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They convinced the citizens of the United States that the danger was grave. They were said to have biological weapons such as anthrax and botulism. They also had chemical weapons like mustard gas and other weapons of mass destruction. Plus they were said to have longstanding and continuing ties to terrorist organizations. It was all over the news and every home, office, and place of business was bombarded with the details about a biological or chemical attack that could occur in less than 45 minutes.

On September 12, 2001 it was suggested that the attack on the Twin Towers be used as an excuse to do something about Iraq. There was never an eminent threat, but they used the term ‘weapons of mass destruction’ to persuade congress to allow the attack even though it was clear that Iraq did not have a nuclear weapons program.

President George W Bush, Condoleezza Rice, and Donald Rumsfeld all insisted that it was not wise to wait for a smoking gun or final proof, because it could come in the form of a mushroom cloud. A lot of people were misled to believe that Iraq actually had missiles that could reach the United States. Iraq has never had the capability to do that.

George W. Bush’s administration insisted that they needed to deal with that threat. The intelligence community disagreed, but the process was warped in a bizarre manner. This was not a case in which the National Intelligence Estimate was driving the war; this was a way to provide an excuse after the fact.

The war had absolutely nothing to do with terrorism. There was no connection between Iraq and the religious fanatics who perpetrated the events of September 11th. Although Saddam Hussein was a psychopath and a sociopath, he was not irrational. Al Qaeda had total contempt for him because he was harsh towards Islamist leaders. Saddam Hussein had made sure that Al Qaeda and terrorism wouldn’t function in Iraq. Bin Laden referred to Hussein as a ‘socialist infidel’. Iraq was not part of the picture of terrorism before the US invasion.  Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden were enemies.

The alleged ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda were a scare tactic to exploit the trauma that was very real to the people in the United States because of September 11. Most Americans still believe that Iraq had something to do with the terrorist attacks due to the immoral devices of George W. Bush’s administration’s public relations department.

Bush presented so many distorted beliefs, estimates, and guesstimates that it’s quite obvious that he was deliberately misleading the public. His tactics bordered on propaganda when he argued that because 16 prohibited munitions capable of delivering chemical agents had been found, there had to be 29,984 more hidden somewhere.

The public bought the lies and little did they know that the real issue had nothing to do with Iraq. Find out more now.

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  • slx5c

    There is such a huge mathematical problem about September 11, 2001 because Office Fires do not have the mathematics to melt Skyscrapers just as Charcoal and lighter fluid does not have the mathematics to melt Barbeque Pits; the mathematics are leaning that there is a Fanatical Christian Religious group in The United States of America that put Dynamite and Thermite into the Tower One, Tower Two, and Tower Seven, and these buildings melted for over three and a half months so that the Christians could blame the Muslims in the Middle East where much of the Oil and Natural Gas are at on the Planet Earth. All other skyscrapers including the Pentagon had no fires after the first week of the event; yet, these three towers that belonged to one Larry Silverstein continued to melt for over three and a half months. What is scary about September 11, 2001 is how it is good to be Mathematically Uneducated, and how it is bad to be Mathematically educated when you are around Christians over September 11, 2001. EYE 5

    • NoJuan2015

      Idiots like you usually blame the Jewish people or Aliens. You need to get up to date on your conspiracy theories.

    • James Johnson

      Good analogy there. The BBQ doesn’t melt with charcoal burning for hours! ANd Jet fuel burns off VERY quickly not three weeks.

      • slx5c

        Remember not 3 week but 3 and a half months! EYE 5

  • kekacaus

    I will never understand American people that they vote for bunch of criminals..Dick Cheney, Bushes.and so on..you do not need to possessed PhD to understand..this war is war of Bushes..Dick Chaney and other corporate interest. This is a private war. Bush is looking in our faces and lies…make me sick…! No country in the whole planet like America..The beauty of America is diversity…and make me sad that is no more like that.Just because of greed of Bushes, Chaney… Trump…and elite that are leading this the most beautiful country…..in hell! Greed..Greed we destroy it.

    • James Johnson

      Now Trump! Just imagine. …I’m with you sad for America. But yet with Hillary I am hopeful.

  • Stephen Murray

    Excellent documentary. Just one small quibble. The documentary doesn’t look at how bloodthirsty many American people were at the time. They were looking for someone to punish for 9/11. The perpetrators were all dead so basically any Arab would do. That is why there was so much enthusiasm for the war amongst the general population. Reminded me a bit of the genocide of the native Americans in the C19th. If any native people attacked European Americans some native people, somewhere were going to suffer, whether they had anything to do with the attack or not. Pure racism which lead to many atrocities in Iraq.

    The Chilcott report on The British involvement in the Iraq catastrophe is due out

  • Penny Neiman

    And to think, that I use to wonder why the world hated us Americans, and now I know, partly do to this documentary filed under, ” war ” and not, ” Conspiracy theories! ”
    The other part, is that my nation is an empire and Hell bent on domination of the entire planet and it has nothing to do with religion, but psychopathic greed and power! This group of elites worldwide are called, ” The New World Order. ” They influence us Americans, using the corporate media that they own and destabilize countries by cutting their food supply off as Bill Clinton did in Haiti, build manufacturing plants and use the people for slave labor. One of the best examples is the documentary named, ” Greening the Revolution ” and that documentary is on Documentary Storm.
    This New World Order goes back some years and the best example is Henry Kissingger, The Butcher of Cambodia and Nixon’s Secretary of State. Just google his name, The New World Order and youtube and you will find many films of him explaining how it works and no, the world will not be a democracy. If you are not useful then you will be killed, americans included. And, fear not, for America is slowly being destabilized too starting with Bill Clintons NAFTA and he abolishing Glass-Steagall.
    Who is the New World Order? The World Bank, the top 10% of corporations, the media and politicians, and yes Hillary Clinton, not sure about Trump, but definitely not Dr. Jill Stein!
    If Hillary is elected, then plan on the United States going to war with Russia and Iran.

    • James Johnson

      Nafta has been very helpful to the US agriculture business. Other Clinton and Obama policies have also benefited the US. I wonder how you feel about this current admin.

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