Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canada’s Genocide

Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canada’s Genocide

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There’s a passage in the bible found in Deuteronomy 7, which was directly spoken to the Israelites. The passage states that when they entered a land to possess it, the people of that land were to be completely destroyed and shown no mercy. Complete destruction involved wiping out any trace of their existence including their history, culture, and beliefs. Religious groups who defend and practice genocide all over the world have used this passage in the Old Testament as justification for their crimes against humanity.

This award-winning documentary reveals one of Canada’s darkest secrets. For many decades the country engaged in what is now recognized as the deliberate extermination of indigenous peoples. This, along with the theft of their land was all done under the guise of religion. The danger of religion is that it allows people to commit heinous crimes without a shred of remorse.

Kevin Annett arrived in Alberni in the spring of 1992. During his first year working in that community he determined to find out why there were no indigenous people in his congregation even though they made up a third of the population. What he discovered was inconceivable.

When this former minister blew the whistle on what he witnessed in his own church, word got out about the atrocities that had been going on in Canada for many years: thousands of indigenous children were murdered or tortured at the church-operated Indian Residential Schools.

In this documentary you will listen to many testimonies from former students at these residential schools. The survivors are all adults now, but the pain caused by the trauma they had to endure remains even if half a century has gone by. The stories they share will cause you to wonder how a system that teaches about a God of love could hurt innocent children in such cold blood. Children were raped, tied to beds, electrocuted, drugged, burned, stabbed, beaten, and killed all in the name of ‘correction’.

When Kenneth Annett spoke up he was fired, de-frocked, and abandoned by his family. He was also falsely accused of a number of crimes and his reputation suffered greatly. Yet he persisted because he was convinced that he had been called for this. So in 2001 he self-published a book titled Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust. In 2005 he expanded in a second edition in which he asked why this had occurred and why it was allowed to continue. Kevin Annett paid a terrible price because he decided to be human. Watch this documentary now.

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  • lost johnny

    i dont think we will see this kind of journalism on the bbc!!

  • karen baxter

    Really worthy and important doc, not surprised by any of it…only negative was guy calling out his comments, questions…odd and almost combative at times, did not serve the film, Kevin on his own and the survivors tell the story well enough.

  • Lloyd Albers

    I’ve been watching the good work Kevin has been doing for a few years now, but I am angry, angry because of this useless religious system that has been forced onto all the people that live in the world today is still prevalent and still forced in the same way now as it was since the time of Jesus Christ. I’m angry because this thing called the Vatican is a system of entitlement based on worshiping Satan himself. I’m angry because this so called religion has made herself a country and protecting herself with her own laws which makes herself UNTOUCHABLE. Now every religion is based on what this beast has done, making them no better than Her. I’m angry because all these religions are businesses with attention being made to bring in as much money as possible, by the way, money is made out of nothing, which makes this a double fraud. Now governments are doing the exact same thing as the Vatican has done, taxes and offerings are the same thing. Is it strange that government and religion are forced on everyone? Interesting that Jesus says follow me and I will give you rest, the Vatican says follow us or we will kill you. Also interesting, the Pope says he is the Vicar of Christ, but has anyone seen Jesus act like this institution, no you have not. The bottom line is these institutions need to be dissolved or destroyed, the status of country must be taken away from the Vatican, then she can stand trial for all her sins. Kevin Annett, I’m with you, keep up the Good Work.

    • Bill West

      But I’m happy, happy that you made your great comment for all to see.
      “…..but has anyone seen Jesus act like this institution….”…….but had anyone ever seen Jesus?

      • Lloyd Albers

        Yes Bill, I see the spirit of Jesus in the kindness that people show to each other every day, we are told by Christ to feed the poor, heal the sick, and help the widows. I don’t see that in the institutions or corporations which is what the churches are, nor do I see this in the governments, why, because of greed.

        • Bill West

          My mantra is to perform random acts of kindness every day, and I’m a non-believer. I always donate, given sufficient time at interstate off ramps, to those souls holding up signs for donations. I don’t smoke, I do drink about 5 glasses of red wine a week, don’t smoke, and I’m a vegan. And I’m quite happy with retired life (3 times), with my jazz guitar career, my marriage and my 75.5 years of life so far. Goin’ good….so far.
          Stay happy, my friend.

  • Adriana Leon

    I lived in Canada for two years 98/200 and I saw a lot of homeless natives Canadians on the street.. my ignorance didn’t understand why, now everything has sense. So sad and so good for Kevin hope there wold be more people like him.

  • Beezle Drogavich

    I have just started watching this and know nothing about the subject but the opening quotation from Deuteronomy didn’t sound quite right to me. I checked it out and indeed the quotation is slightly “embellished”. NOWHERE in the original text (King James version) does it say “DO NOT ALLOW ANY OF THE TO LIVE”. It may be claimed that this is more or less IMPLIED by the text but to present it as an actual quotation is both dishonest and self defeating. Why is this necessary?

    • MrWitty

      then you must destroy them “totally”
      Beezle Drogavich I think its clear

  • Richard D. Roberts

    So much for what I thought about Canada. Great job Canada. Your own personal Holocaust. Never thought you had it in ya’ up ‘dere. Right at the end of the movie where you see the female RCMP looking at the 1st nation singer, you can see how the government looks at the first nations people in her face. She had no idea what they were about or seemed to really give a shit less based on how she looked at them and turned away closing her eyes.

    This is just one more example that the church is a load of horse shit. If there was a god, where in the hell was he when the kids were being systematically lined up and raped in an office? Was he on break? If there is a god where was he when kids were being punched and pushed out windows? Was he having dinner at that time? There is no god and religion is nothing but evil power grabbing.

    • Chris Newman

      Good point. I believe what God says,”It is mine to avenge” A time is coming soon when the Papacy and everything they stand for is going to crumble to dust like all other empires. The Catholic church institution is a false church based on lies and not Jesus Christ’s real body of believers. I say all this because it is revealed in the King James. The thing is there really is Jesus but there is also a devil on Earth, and all people are naturally selfish and evilly inclined. God is love and expects everyone to love their neighbor. He gives everyone freedom of choice for their actions but there are consequences for them, both in this life and the next. He says to invite Jesus into your life and soul as Lord and Savior and to listen to him. Jesus took your place at Calvary for your sin. Now he wants you to believe in him, rely on him, and lean on him, asking him to live through you. Read the King James, not a modern version that has been adulterated by the Vatican. Ask God to help you to understand it before you read it, If you are sincere in asking God, he will be sincere with you. If you are doing as i say and not dismissing it, seek out other believers like yourself. Incidentally worship on a Saturday not Sunday. Sunday is the Pope’s day of worship and Sunday is related to sun worship and other pagan satanic religion. The Sabbath or Saturday the 7th day of the week, is the Lord’s day of worship as is carefully explained in the Bible and God wants everyone to worship on it. Isaiah 66: 23

  • lou

    The text quoted from Deut., as I understand it, comes from a very different time and context than today. Today, Jesus Christ calls everyone to the glorious reconciliation to God through His own death, then to share His love to all races, cultures, creeds, men, women and children by introducing them to His great sacrifice and love. He calls all humanity to turn from an inherited sinful nature, and allow Him to live through us. The atrocities committed in our country and around the world in the name of any religion or cause is contrary to the gospel of Christ and His mission to the world through the true church of believers.

  • Chris Newman

    Jesus Christ COMMANDED his followers to love, even their enemies and everyone. He also said there was a devil that came to kill steal and destroy and that we would be able to tell a person by their fruits. It is possible for men to lie and even deceive themselves. I say those heinous crimes were never done in Jesus Christ’s name but evil’s

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