Virgin School

Virgin School

7.5/10 based on 33 votes

Virgin School follows the emotional and physical journey of a 26 year old virgin as he embarks on a unique four month course for sexually inexperienced men in Amsterdam. The course is designed to boost his sexual confidence. If he makes enough progress the course could end with him losing his virginity to one of the sex therapist coaches.

According to a recent study (by Radio 1, MTV and Durex) the vast majority of people lose their virginity between the ages of 16 and 18. However, there is a small section of society who remain virgins well into middle age. Around 4% of people haven’t had sex by the time they hit 25. James is one of them. He’s ‘never even got to first base.’ He says that ‘Being a virgin you get judged, you’re isolated, an outcast. For me losing my virginity is a rite of passage, it’s about becoming a man and feeling like everyone else, feeling that you’re not abnormal ’.

James has given up all hope of ever having sex or having a meaningful relationship with a woman but that could all be about to change as he heads off to Virgin School.

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Rating: 7.5/10 based on 33 votes

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  • Easter Bunny Blues

    Its weird to me how James is afraid of everything sexual with the female gender, yet still stands ready to be filmed while having sex.

    Guttwrenching, not heartwrenching!

    • MixedAndMixed

      He probably get paid good money. But I do agree with you. I could never allow myself to be filmed and get mocked at. That is just wrong…

  • Blatant Lier

    too much for one evening…

  • Harry

    Was I the only one thinking it was deeply troublesome to look at this documentary??

    Its all build on shock and has no thought process whatsoever, with a character being completely raped by the media, putting him in a position where he feels at home with both the women and the camera crew. But they are using him?

    Talk about getting fucked by the media!

    • CC

      Well I thought it was pretty entertaining, and James volunteered himself – why blame it on the media when its obviously his own fault? The whole doc was good i though, due to it quickly answering the question about how much society today says: either you had sex and a winner, or a loser if you had nothing after 25. And its the truth, you ARE most likely a loser and have lived in a cave if you havent tried sex before the age of 25.

      • MixedAndMixed

        What you said is absolutely RUBBISH!! Nobody is a loser in this world. People have choices and they decided to make that choices. People have preference and they decided to choose that preference. Doesn’t matter how old you are…sometimes something holds them back from having sex. Sex is just an excuse to make you feel good. It doesn’t explain that you have to have sex in order to NOT be a virgin. Being a virgin doesn’t discriminate against age or how old old you are. You can be 32 and still be a virgin because you choose too or a result of many other issues like – marriage before sex, abstentine (sp), waiting for the right person and make it last, religion issue, etc. It is a person like you that makes up the reason why James feels the need to lose his virginity. Get it straight baby!

  • Fan of YOU

    Why couldnt he at least get a good looking whore compared to those old women… urgh…

    • Cronicos

      Because a whore wil fuck you but never get truly intimate with you which is what he was actually looking for. He wasn’t just looking for a “hole to poke”, he was looking for the know how of actually making love to a woman and the confidence act upon it and feel confident while doing it and knowing he knows what he’s doing. So he can move on with the confidence he needs to actually get a girlfriend.

      A whore won’t teach you that and besides, I think walking out of the whorehouse afterwards would only make him feel more insecure, looking around hoping nobody he knows saw him go in or out.

  • Answer me damnit

    Why is it so bad to be a virgin? Can anyone tell me?

    • Not virgin

      Well, you don’t fuck or get blowjobs and stuff…

      • Dogs

        This is the best comment on any forum, on any website, ever.

        • noperspective


    • ilillys

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a virgin – unless the person has a problem with it. There are many people who remain virgins late into life and are fine with it. But those are people who, unlike James, are virgins by choice – either they are waiting for the “right” person or moment and choose virginity. But James is not okay with his virginity and that is the whole problem. It has become almost an obsession with him and consequently he has allowed it to take over his life. Why does he have no self-confidence? Because he is a virgin and thinks somehow everyone else in society automatically knows it and judges him as less for it. Why doesn’t he have a good job? Because he thinks no employer/interviewer would hire a late-in-life virgin so he doesn’t even try. He has allowed the virgin/non-virgin thing to take over his world. That is why being a virgin late in life is not okay for him. For others, there is not a single thing wrong with it. For those like James they feel they have missed such an important mile-marker that everything becomes about it and they focus so much on how they missed that one thing that they then start missing out on the rest of their life happening around them.

  • Jojo

    I personally think he is very brave. His courage actually moved me and made me re think how harsh I can be and we can be as people. If he ever came up to me in a bar or so I would have definitely snubbed him and not thought twice. If only we would understand the ramifications of our actions. With love and support he over came his fears and what a warm and welcoming environment it was. James you’ve actually encouraged me to be a better person with more understanding and greater compassion for others. And well done, I hope you bring hope to others that feel segregated from the perceived norm. And as you said you did the film for YOU.

    • Roberto

      Great comment, Jojo.
      Empathy and understanding of other people who are different from us is very important.

  • AaBbCc

    Some of the comments I’ve read in various places in relation to this programme are downright ridiculous and lead me to conclude that the people writing them hide behind a thin veneer of machismo and really aren’t comfortable with sex at all. The predictable “must be like throwing a pickle down a hall, why didn’t he just hire an escort, damn she’s an old perv, what a loser” type nonsense, which simply beg for a “spoken like a true teenager” sticker.

    The woman concerned is providing a service. I really couldn’t imagine an escort or prostitute spending four months trying to straighten out the crooked parts of his past. The fact that many of his problems are linked to sex doesn’t make her a pervert. A pervert is what he may have become, had he not sought help.

    Many of the sneering comments speak volumes about our society’s attitudes towards sex and just being a person in general. Sex is lauded everywhere. It sells. It titilates, but it’s still something many people feel uncomfortable with. The pressure to be outgoing, confident, attractive and ‘successful’ is immense. Woe betide anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable with it or doesn’t fit the bill. People jump through hoops and present personas to the world, all in a bid to stave off being branded a ‘loser’. A loser is what he would’ve become, had he let past events permantly define him.

    Sex is great, but it’s all to easy to get consumed by it, at which point it becomes just another outlet for fears and frustrations. I hope Jason is able to integrate it successfully into his life and move forward. I wish him all the best.

    • BrokenHalo

      Well I think that James is gonna be more knowledgable about the female body with all that “show and tell” compared to a whole host of men out there who have only ever “dropped a pickle down the hole”. Good for him taking the time out to really learn and develop himself in this area. Its quite possible that he could become a really good lover if he gets a bit of practice under his belt. The more he is exposed, the more comfortable he will feel, the better he will become, then they will be coming back for more……guys hold onto your girls : ))

      I wish James luck.

      • MixedAndMixed

        LOL@ “pickle down the hole” take me awhile to realise what you mean…nice way to put it!!

  • aiya

    Why does James wear pants (underwear for you americans) AND boxer shorts ? I’ve never seen that before.. Double protection against skid marks ?


    • Doctor Phillus Maximus

      He’s got blueballs all the way “extreme insecurity. Either if you love this documentary or not, theres just no way no one wouldnt laugh at the stripshow he does…

  • Dan K.

    I’m 22 and a virgin, not for any moral grounds, or women not liking me, I just never really cared that much to put effort into it, when it came to dating and courting, and in regards to sex outside of a romantic relationship, never liked the idea of a one night stand. I don’t feel bad, I don’t feel like an outcast, I don’t feel less of a man. I’m more “manly” in most other traditional terms, then guys who I know who have had it quite a bit.

    I have been flirted with, and I’m not ashamed and I don’t feel abnormal. I have allot of friends, and am a part of society. I’m not treated any differently. I don’t see why people would put themselves threw such a course, and be either that ashamed of feel cursed, he could go on a date if he wanted to. I guess I just don’t get people who have strong opinions of sex one way or the other. If it wasn’t common there wouldn’t be six billion of us. Being a virgin is okay, being promiscuous is okay, and so is everything in between, as long as you don’t hurt anyone else, and it shouldn’t be a reflection of character, and at least from my perspective and experience most people in reality don’t consider it one.

  • Peccatum


  • balafa

    Well, the survival of the our species does not have to be everyone’s business.

  • Joe

    feels like my eyes got burned out my skull

  • Dexter

    Sex is highly overrated. I remember having his mentallity when i was still a virgin, but after it happened….it really didnt change anything. It sure as hell was fun for the moment but it passes and you are still who you are at the end of the day maybe with a little ego boost for the few weeks after getting laid.

  • x

    The funny thing about your first time is, everyone wants it to be so special and amazing. Reality is, your first time is quite possibly the worst sex you will ever give/receive because you are totally inexperienced. There is too much emphasis on your first time that I think is just so overrated.

    However, losing your virginity in todays world is an issue for all of us until we actually lose it. Once that happens, you wonder what all the fuss was about in the first place.

    It’s obvious to me that James’ issue is not being a virgin at all, rather he has a complete lack of confidence or drive to be the best person he can be, and his mind uses his virginity as the reason for his problems. If he just developed more confidence within himself and learnt to love himself, he would find a girlfriend no problem. It’s kind of sad to learn that there are people out there like this.

  • Dave D

    I found it sweet and wish James the best.

  • Docwhore

    Haha they should of just tied him up and ripped off his pants and jumped his bones initially. I could only imagine his horror if they did that.

    “Sex is highly overrated.” words spoken from someone that isn’t getting any lol

    @Dan K.
    lol at your whole post bud. Keep telling yourself that in years to come. get it now while you can before you end up like him or worse!

    (all joking aside)
    And to the rest of you trying to make yourselves feel better about not getting any, your just being ignorant! Go get some now while you can before you end up socially retarded. But yea, sex isn’t everything. Your forgetting about the fact that one day you will be old and alone and have no one to share your lives with. Which is the real issue if you don’t get over that hump now! (no pun intended)

  • Elle

    There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin. I think James had a general lack of self-confidence and just blamed his virginity on an issue that probably runs much deeper. The whole fact of the matter is that one should be responsible with one’s sexuality whether one is a virgin or not.

  • Yog Sototh

    oh god… this is hysterical Im 10 minutes into it and im already dying

  • boris

    great documentary.
    I feel like the filmmakers did something good in paying for james to do that. he seemed to grow a lot through the experience and i dont think that the intercourse itself was necessarily the most important part. his confidence and self worth improved so much and it was good to see him smile and cry and feel.

    Not safe to watch with family members!

  • marcin

    He is in Amsterdam yet they couldn’t find a horny enough prostitute to screw his brains out so they gave him an 50 year old granny. What the the hell. Sex is quite simple james.
    You take out your cock, stick in, go in and out, cum on her face or tits. Geez.

    • s-marie

      you are a moron who clearly hasn’t had much sex

  • Alex

    Amsterdam looks awesome

  • name

    The guy looks like a beta version of ralph fienes

  • John

    To share something of my own experience, I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 27. Once I had I became very jealous that my partners had such an easy time with doing it in youth, and bitter towards everything in my youth that made me feel like sex was wrong. Parents. teachers. friends. my environment at large wasn’t very accepting of homosexuality so I committed myself to the lie. Worse, I felt bitterness towards myself for making what others believed such a big deal and not allowing myself to experiment with sex like a normal teenager. I realized that I couldn’t place blame on the entire world for the inadequacy I felt then, and concluded that I could only blame myself. I still feel angry that I did that to myself, got in my own way like that. I can vow never to do that to myself again in life, but I will never have those formative years and experiences back. Now I admit those thoughts sit in the back of my mind even though I have a beautiful, loving partner. I feel jealousy that he was able to relax and live his life and I felt like I was never allowed to and so didn’t until my late twenties, that he’s had that much more experience and I feel like i’m still figuring things out awkwardly. I worry that those feelings will never go away. I’m glad James bucked up and faced his demons. I worry that he’s going to have a lot more though. Harder ones to face that there is no school for, ones that go beyond acceptance of his physical sensuality and deal with being comfortable with the lost time and the angriness that he couldn’t let himself be free. Sometimes in life you are the only person who you can count on and dealing with that deep of a betrayal leaves the worst scars. painful ones. Hopefully he doesn’t have to deal with those feelings later.

  • Jeannee Waseck

    If Elliott Rodgers had only gone here!

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