Walking With Dinosaurs

Walking With Dinosaurs

9.1/10 based on 112 votes

Episode 1: New Blood

Broadcast in 1999, Walking with Dinosaurs set out to create the most accurate portrayal of prehistoric animals ever seen on the screen. Combining fact and informed speculation with cutting-edge computer graphics and animatronics effects, the series took two years to make.

This first episode starts in 220, 000, 000 BC – Late Triassic, and will give an introduction to long extinct animals such as Coelophysis, Placerias, Thrinaxodon (identified as ‘cynodont’), Postosuchus, Peteinosaurus, Plateosaurus, Lungfish and the Dragonfly.

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Rating: 9.1/10 based on 112 votes

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  • The President


  • Jonathan

    truly amazing, will take me a long time to get through but it seems like it worth it

  • marko

    you should upload this to youtube.there are no full episodes there

    • Littleknowitall

      many have tried but all in vein. youtube constantly take it down from there

      • Postasuchus

        It was on Youtube for 1 week. But youtube took it down. But you can’t blame them, they’ll get sued if it’s on their sight without royalty’s being payed.

  • Betty

    Laughing my fuckin ass off bc dat intro

    • Dan Unsworth Coyle

      this shit is the BEST!! and no one can stalk me cause this my old account from yrs ago

      • Postasuchus

        Fucking retard.

  • Cry evertim

    Lyk if u cry evertim ;_;

    • Postasuchus

      Why would i cry?
      Fucking retard.

      • Paradoxin

        Why would you swear at him/her calling them fucking retard ?? Maybe the movie had so much profound emotional impact on her/him. Seriously have some manners !

        • Derpomancy

          As of this post I see two comments for Postasuchus (listed back-to-back, no less) that end in “Fucking retard.” Either he’s trying to do some sort of bit and it’s falling flat, or he/she’s just an uptight dick that likes to punctuate their posts with insults.

    • Sylvana Meurink

      i cry everytime wath this too especialy when one of those amasing creatures dies i now the are already dead but its amasing to see what the might have gone true so long ago howe the evolved an how the might have looked its amassing

  • Postasuchus

    Being a postasuchus and all, this is helpful to understand my predators. As it explains everything in-depth :>

  • kkkk

    his is amazing yay

  • Concerned Parent

    I showed this to my children and it was not appropriate at all! This was nothing like Land Before Time! The plot was not suitable for children and there is way too much death and other adult themes like extinction.

    • ella

      This movie isn’t a Disney movie. What did you expect?

    • Hello

      This is a documentary, not a child’s cartoon. Its intended portray the Mesozoic era as realistic as possible. Its kind of silly to compare it to Land Before Time, imo.

    • Iggy

      I watched this as a child when it was first released and I’m perfectly fine. Hell, I’m probably better off from watching it. It’s an educational documentary meant to educate people. Death, birth, and extinction are a natural part of life and should not be censored nor should you shield children from it. Teach them about it, but also teach them about the good aspects of life along with it. Your children are not going to be harmed by watching this series.

      • realistic mom

        Obviously you do not have young children or probably kids at all! I value my sleep WAY too much to let my little one watch this right now. Maybe when he is 8 it will be appropriate. Also children’s mind and emotional understanding develops as they grow and every child develops at a different rate. Parents will know when their children are ready as did yours. This show is no appropriate for young children.

        • Tyrannosaurus rex

          I watched this when I was 5! BTW, it is way more appropriate than Jurassic Fight Club.

        • goth kid

          lol, i watched it when i was three

  • Myself

    just imagine if liopluerodon and caracarodon megalodon still lived humans would never have been able to travel across the seas.

  • xxxxxxDickxxxxxxxxx

    dis da best eva dockumentarey. plz lik sucscribe and pece

  • Wisal

    wow these are great graphics it seem like real

  • Revoh

    It’s very amazing especially Time of the Titans

  • Zanji Suzunami


  • rever4217

    Where can I watch this online?

  • DaveMan50

    Does not work.

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