Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price

Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price

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This documentary by Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films exposes some of Walmart’s shady corporate practices. For instance, when a Walmart opens in a small town, it hurts all the ‘mom and pop’ stores that have been around for decades and sends them out of business. Walmart’s descent on a town even knocks down the value of real estate because sooner or later, as they put small stores out of business, there’s an increase in empty buildings that can’t be sold. Some people believe that this is done intentionally. Contrary to what the Walmart commercials try to portray, the reality is that very few people see the company’s arrival as a good thing.

According to former employees, Walmart intentionally has a shortness of staff. That means that employees usually have to work late or come in before time to make up for the lack of workers. Another strategy is to keep as many of the employees as possible as part time workers for as long as it can be done in order to reduce costs. The company doesn’t seem to care if their quality of life decreases, if the employees lose their families, or if they have good health care. These employees or associates are mostly living at poverty level.

Walmart encourages its employees to go on welfare, instead of offering them better salaries and benefits. The corporate office deliberately doesn’t budget enough money for payroll. What this means to the employee is that many of them end up needing public assistance programs. It costs taxpayers millions of dollars to provide public health care, housing subsidies and food stamps for Walmart employees.

Walmart currently faces lawsuits in 31 different states for wage and hour abuses. Former managers confess to going into the system and deleting the hours of employees that have worked overtime because each manager is responsible for reducing expenses in his store every single month and the only way to do that is by keeping the numbers down.

Listen now to heart-wrenching stories of abuse, discrimination, prejudice, and blatant harassment coming from the employees of the largest retail chain in the United States.

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Rating: 8.0/10 based on 3 votes

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  • Peter JC

    I never used to be able to finish comments, but now I

  • James Johnson

    As a former employee of this company I can tell you that they deliberately worked me full time hours and officially had me labeled as part time. This allowed them to NOT offer the benefits packages and overtime possibilities that were available to full time employees. The only reason I even found out was when I asked about a benefit package and a minor manager showed me that my status did not warrant a benefit package. I asked what did they mean and they turned the monitor to show me and I saw my status as that of part time, even though I worked 40 hours a week. I was even in charge of four other employees as supervisor level but not paid for that title. I got paid just the same as those under me in my department. SO extra responsibility and no compensation for it. There are really good people working for that company but they are being used in the end and they are disgracefully underappreciated for their work and time. Oh and BTW the management seriously mishandles communication responsibilities as well. I have never been talked to with such a disdain for individual respect and dignity as a human being.

  • Astral Spirit

    Thank you for sharing…. what Wal-mart should have done was offer the large building as a huge shopping place for the mom & pop shops to share in one building, rather than regenerating the same exact business as the local merchants already done for many years, and charge REASONABLE rent to pay for the property.

    But take away business from another business is so cut throat!

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