War on Whistleblowers

War on Whistleblowers

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This documentary film brings to the light a few recent cases in which government employees and contractors went before the media to expose their discoveries on fraud and abuse. In every case, the whistleblower paid a high price for the exposé.

Some believe that people need to be willing to stand up and speak the truth, regardless of what the consequences might be. Whistleblowers are the pioneers of change because in order for things to get better, the truth needs to be told.

However, there are others who believe strongly that we shouldn’t make national heroes of those who steal classified information and publish it in the newspaper.

Whistleblowers have become a fundamental part of democracy because they have unquestionable patriotism and a lot of courage. These men and women have actually changed history because they stand up and say ‘something needs to be done’.

The National Security State encloses itself in a wall of silence and pretends to be interested in national security when the reality is that it’s interested in the security of corporate interests and of politicians. So it attacks and vilifies whistleblowers while it increases in power that it uses to protect itself. Most of the times the right thing isn’t done because it all boils down to money.

Sadly, the current administration continues to persecute journalists and criminalize the process of gathering news. All that these whistleblowers have been trying to do is to point out wrongdoing, although often the government claims that by publishing the information they are putting national security at risk. Draw your own conclusions as you watch this film now.

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Rating: 9.1/10 based on 26 votes

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    When a government of the People, by the People and for the People keep secrets from the People, it is no longer your government. – Les

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