Water: The Great Mystery

Water: The Great Mystery

86 minutes 8.2/10 based on 17 votes

Water – The Great Mystery spans the globe to reveal recent discoveries about water, the most amazing yet least studied substance in the world. Witness as researchers, scientists, philosophers and theologians try to understand this unique liquid and all its properties still waiting to be discovered.

In many cultures of the world water is considered life. Recently scientific have opened the fourth, information condition of water which has proved presence at it to memory.” The great secret of water “is an attempt to get into the latent properties of these elements, physical laws not giving in to an explanation. It is said that water can perceive, keep and hand over the information so thin, as thought of the person, emotion or a word.

New understanding of laws of the universe are opening new prospects, namely: water programming, treatment of the most complicated and hardest diseases with its help, and management of weather. Also in the given film you will see representatives of all basic religions of the world.

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Rating: 8.2/10 based on 17 votes

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  • Dexter

    Another duration of total crap pseudo science. Idk who this narrator is, but Ive heard him before on another pseudo science documentary. Absolutely terrible narration with seemingly no attention to proper tempo or spacing of topics. Idk who keeps paying this guy, but ive learned to use his voice as an indicator in impending BS.

  • tom

    like the ending tarkovsky music.

    • Alexandre

      Dear Tom
      Im glad you know tarkovski, but the music was made “some” years before by a gentleman called J.S.Bach ;-)
      The Aria is called “Erbarme dich” and is from Matthaus Passion
      Best wishes,

  • Alex

    Yuck. This video is nothing but new age pseudo-science.

  • Antonio

    I agree. good music at the end. :)

    The narrator is George Watts. Not his fault, poor man. He is just a narrator.

  • The Elz

    yeah, this mentions gasoline has a water content & will not burn if removed, all my research shows no oxygen even or water, but there is hydrogen. you do get tiny amounts of water in a fuel tank, due to condensation, thats all.
    that to me means this documentery is untrue/lies.

  • UK Luke

    Where do I begin!? Enjoyable mish-mash of ideas on the theme of water. Struggled to follow the logic most of the time and wondered if it was just a problem of translation. Lots of New Age mysticism plus large dose of Right Wing Neo-Nationalism where it is all about the water (rather than ‘blood’) — one’s national identity being tied to the water of one’s birthplace and thus (by implication) all foreigners should be sent home… Scary listening to Germans going on about keeping German water pure. Echoes of a not so pleasant past. Other than the dubious theology, dubious politics, and dubious science, the rest was fun and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. I liked the photographs of ice crystals — Mozart’s music makes pretty crystals and Heavy Metal makes nasty crystals. Moral being that classical music is better than Heavy Metal. I think I could have reached that conclusion without the ice crystals but it is an entertaining diversion. Just hope it never becomes more than a laugh. Keep it on a level with horoscopes and who cares? If you want to know more about theology, politics, economics, science etc of water then look elsewhere but you don’t need me to tell you that do you. You’ll see for yourself when you watch it.

  • rocko

    how is water the least studied substance in the world? it is more likely that it’s one of the MOST studied. look at how many other measurements themselves are based on water and its many properties. this doc has lost me already.

  • Chris


  • David robertson

    i enjoyed this as its something that we all take for granted!! if you can pass a msg thru space! why not water!!…open ur minds…..as they are mostly made of water themselves…..time to wake up!!! u are water ….

  • West Hog

    if you think science has answered everything you’re sorely mistaken…

    • CUDOS vs. PLACE

      Yeah, I’m always surprised at just how many hypotheses are being overturned or made obsolete in the leading edges of research, and how many of those hypotheses weren’t nearly as supported as our old textbooks would present them (oh yeah, they would always present them as certainties, not even hypotheses XD )
      Such a gap between the high-school/college story of science and the reality, and it would seem that a contingent of “ardent believers” has formed around those old stories of how we thought things might work.

    • Johnross1968

      And if you think Religion has answered ANYTHING you’re sorely mistaken.

    • Ignes

      But science never claims to know everything…

  • Devvv

    How foolish the comments followed , just one word religion and pseudo guides every brain in a different non believing mode . We yet know less on water and that the structure thing that water structure changes with different ambience , sound And even intent is 100% correct . Even a simple google will give you a load of research reports to fill your non believing gap ;)

    • Ignes

      Any uncertainty of the structure of water is shared with any amorphous matter. As ice, we can do X-ray crystallography and laser interferometry and learn quite a bit about its structure as ice crystals, In liquid and gaseous forms, it behaves much as similar non-polar solvents.

  • Johnross1968

    OMG I wanted to scream for the entire time I watched this load of crap,
    I want the 18+ mins of my life wasted on this pseudoscience crap back!!!

  • Johnross1968

    This is a load of horse crap.
    In the first few minutes of the film they claim……

    1. “Water is the most abundant substance on earth.”
    Wrong. Water makes up only .025% of the earths mass.

    2. “It is with us every moment of our lives.”
    So what ? So is oxygen and carbon, that does not make them magical.

    3.”Who bestowed water on our planet? And Why?”
    That would be assuming that a intelligent being gave us water. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that a being, intelligent or otherwise, gave us water.

    4. “Perhaps only water know why”
    There is no evidence that water can think or remember.

    5. “There is just as much water on earth today as when everything began”
    Wrong, Evidence shows that the earths atmosphere is slowly evaporating into space. Some of that contains water in vapor form.

    6. They talk about water as it relates to the Holy Scripture….Sorry I do NOT want my science coming from a book of fairy tales.

    7. “No scientist has been able to explain, for example, why waters density increases below the freezing point, and becomes less above freezing”
    Umm, sorry but here is one of MANY MANY websites that will explain this to you. Of course if you believe anything this video claims perhaps it might be too “techy” for you to understand. I suggest looking for something that involves pictures made with crayons.

    8.”Any substance contracts when it is cooled, but water does the opposite.
    WRONG. Water also contracts when cooled just like any other substance. It slightly expands when it reaches approximately 4 degrees Celsius .This is due to less thermal energy to jostle the hydrogen bonds out of the position they take in waters crystalline form (Ice).

    If you are watching this to learn something then you are watching the wrong program. You could learn more about water by watching a Spongebob SquarePants Marathon.
    I am sorry that I could only review the first 5 minutes of this crap, but I could feel my brain cells committing suicide at the 4 minute and 30 second mark, so I had to stop.
    Do yourself and your brain a favor. DO NOT WATCH THIS.

    • SuperGeo888 .

      What about structure,?
      There’s to must you can’t explan. To be so sure.
      Pride and arogance shut’s the door on learning

      • Ignes

        With so little regard for proofreading, your comment has no cogent thought expressed.

    • Ignes

      As for point 5, there was also no water on our planet until after accretion had all but ceased and the late heavy bombardment was in full swing. Also. the Mercury, Gemini. Apollo, and Space Shuttle programs all exhausted MT’s of water vapor into the near vacuum of space – and that’s discounting the USSR’s efforts.

    • Naveen KKR

      This guy is a crap. He should be from Pharmacy company. Don’t take his points. Water is the basic building blocks of everything.

  • Aleksandr Freizdorf

    The water is magic. You can believe or not, it is your choice . Just you should know , If you do not believe, you reduce yourself all ability to live in the magic world.

    • Ignes

      Certain portions of my anatomy have been described as magic, but I fear that’s unreliable evidence, as is all that is stated in this film.

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